Monday, October 13, 2014

Cashman Needs To Change His Name....

If the New York Yankees want to win anything during his new three year contract that he just signed to stay with the team Brian Cashman is going to have to change his name and change his ways. No longer can Cashman be the cash man and simply throw money at problems, Cashman is going to have to get younger to get better and save cash by building from within. Cashman's new name has to be Prospectman if the Yankees want any sort of success in the 2015-2017 seasons.

The Yankees find themselves in a situation this offseason that Cashman will no longer be able to simply throw money at problems to fix the Yankees. The only positions that look like they can be filled right now are the shortstop position, possibly a third baseman, and a bench spot or two. New York doesn't have any prospects close to taking over at either shortstop or third base, unless you buy into the Eric Jagielo hype but I don't, so Cashman will be forced to head back out into the market.

The problem with the third base market is that it is extremely top heavy with Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, and then everyone else. Either New York will have to overpay for one of those two players, bring back Chase Headley on a longer termed deal, rely on Alex Rodriguez, or bring in a lesser player like the team did with Brian Roberts to replace Robinson Cano.

With JJ Hardy signing an extension with the Baltimore Orioles the shortstop market looks bleak and may force the Yankees to bring in Asdrubal Cabrera or Stephen Drew on one year pillow contracts. Neither will instill fear in opposing pitchers, even if they go back to career averages and norms, and neither will improve the offense dramatically.

If New York wants to compete in the next three years of the Brian Cashman era it is going to have to be on the backs of the farm system and not the checkbook. The Yankees no longer have a core and that essential piece of team building has to come from the farm system, not from 30 year old + free agents loaded with question marks. Prospectman, not Cashman in 2015.

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