Monday, October 13, 2014

Long, Kelleher Gone, Thomson Survives?

The New York Yankees fired hitting coach Kevin Long and first base coach and fielding instructor Mick Kelleher last week in a series of moves meant to shake things up inside the Yankees organization. Larry Rothschild did a great job with the pitching staff this season, Gary Tuck did a marvelous job out in the bullpen in 2014, and Tony Pena is one of the best bench coaches in the game in my very humble opinion. My question is this, how in the world did third base coach Rob Thomson survive the ax cutting ceremony?

The New York Yankees made 21 outs at home this season and made another five at third base this season which can all be somewhat associated to Thomson being the third base coach, by far the most in the league. It's not just that Thomson had a bad season in 2014 as 13 players were thrown out at home and 11 players made outs at third base last season. With an offense the past two seasons that have struggled to score and manufacture runs this kind of percentage is completely unacceptable.

If Mick Kelleher can be blamed for the Yankees defensive inefficiencies in the infield while the lack of player personnel gains Brian Cashman a new three year deal then Thomson should be held accountable for easily being the worst third base coach in all of Major League Baseball.


  1. WHY TINO MARTINEZ....should be the next hitting / batting coach.

    Remember during the 2014 campaign, all those ' sluggers ' who would not adapt to the shift ?
    Remember all those hot mid summer games, where the Yankees left a league leading
    48,000 men on base ?
    Remember when the Yankees paid $ 300 million, to ' batters ' that forgot how to hit ?

    Of course you do. How could a normal person forget.
    But with adding Tino Martinez, as your batting coach, that would be history. Why ?

    Follow me, as we trample through the facts :

    " TINO THE IMPALER ".. while with Miami :

    " Rookie Derek Dietrich -- who has since been sent to the minors -- is among Marlins players claiming intimidation and abuse by Martinez. The second baseman said Martinez "erupted in anger unjustly and grabbed him by his neck and neck chain," according to an earlier Miami Herald report. Martinez has admitted that he once touched a player in anger, saying he grabbed Dietrich by the jersey earlier this season."

    They say in essence, " he literally choked one player, and then resigned. Nice technique.

    Now picture this....' bottom of the ninth, two out, bases loaded, Yanks down by one, is there hope ?
    Drunken fans screaming / falling like jack asses over the railings...and THE SHIFT is on ! Jesus !
    And, here comes Bret Gardner....Yeh !
    " Now batting....Bret Gardner "... as all four infielders, and the left fielder, now move onto the right side of the infield. Not a soul is on the left side.
    "And now the pitch... Gardner hit a grounder to second, throw to first, game over !"
    Theeeeee Yankes loseeeee! ( John Sterling )

    Wait !! Out of the dugout comes Tino Martinez !
    He trips, and falls down...but, gets up to run directly to Gardner.
    He is now choking Gardner, and using bad language. Gardner has fallen to the ground. Dead !

    Tino, now being lead off, in NYPD handcuffs...screams out in pain .." That freakin' bastard will
    never do that again ! "

    That is why he should be considered for the 2015 batting coach.

    I can only reach out to you, and hope.
    Can you only imagine the magic we could create here ?

    Most nights I'm dancing on the stage, by myself. No audience. I'm tired of the silence.
    I laugh to myself, while writing in the darkness. That's not what I want to do, as this moves along.

    Listen please, if you read my words...acknowledge me.
    Daniel, and this site is great.....Daniel is the complete gentleman / white boy.
    You...Twasp / friend, is what is needed to build a crowd here.
    We have done it before. It will be easy.

    I hope my words have found you. Stay thirsty, my friend.
    ( Anne Marie asks if I've heard from you.)

  3. You know what they say patrick, fear is the ultimate motivator. If I thought I was gonna get choked out if I didnt beat the shift I would be doing everything in my power to beat the damn shift...


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