Friday, October 17, 2014

Magadan Claims Yankees Will Hire New Hitting Coach This Weekend

Rangers' Hitting Coach Dave Magadan claimed that the Yankees will hire a new man for the same position sometime this weekend.

Magadan, who has worked for Texas for one season after being with the Red Sox for six, is currently one of many candidates for Kevin Long's former job. He was interviewed by the Yanks Wednesday, but said that he won't be the only who has done so by the beginning of the World Series.

"They told me they were going to interview a couple of other candidates," Magadan recently told The New York Post's George A. King III. "I don’t know if that was going to happen Thursday or Friday. They said they would make a decision shortly thereafter."

Magadan said that he thinks the meeting went nicely.

"I thought it went well," he said. "But they are the ones who need to think it went well.’’

That's certainly true, as Magadan isn't the only guy the Yankees seem to like right now. Oakland's Chilis Davis, for example, also talked to the team yesterday, and is always a possibility for the occupation due to his notable playing past.

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