Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yankees Interested in Bichette, Thames, Rowson for Hitting Coach

The New York Yankees have begun the interview process for their vacant hitting coach position and have shown some early interest in Dante Bichette, Double-A hitting coach Marcus Thames, and James Rowson. New York has already interviewed former Texas Rangers hitting coach Dave Magadan for the job and will interview current Oakland Athletics hitting coach Chili Davis in the near future.



    Do you here the birds, on the telephone wires ?
    " The Yankees hit too many home runs. They rely on the home run too much ?" Remember ?

    Such bird crap. And, it's still being spoken today !

    The balls from this Yankee line-up were cut off two years ago..." It was not fair that they hit so many home runs, and they did not know how to manufacture runs "......Really ?

    Two years later, and they are now almost last in home runs. Runs manufactured ? Two - three a game. This teams power drive has been gilded.
    I heard it again today at work. Relying on too many home runs. People are nuts.

    These are the Yankees, not the San Diego Padres, or the freakin' Mets.
    They are the Bronx Bombers.
    The Yankees listened to the ' correct crowd '.....and got bird crap.
    The ' correct crowd ' got what it wanted.

  2. MERCENARY TIME : Re:...a new Yankee batting coach.

    Tonight, from the citrus state, Florida.....lets welcome " Hankflorida " ( I don't make these up ! )

    Hankflorida • 5 hours ago

    "Our outfield of Ellsbury, Gardner and Beltran can hit to all fields and so can Prado and our new shortstop probably will have that ability with Ref if he plays second. That leaves A-Rod, Text and McCaan as our supposed power trio, and I bet that A-Rod could also spray the ball around. To me, this lineup needs Madagan to preach the * Willie Keeler dictum of "Hit em where they ain't."

    * Sounds like logic, that old Ken Reed can relate to.

  3. The stadium was made for home runs. You almost have to play to your stadium if you want to win. That's why it's called home field advantage.

  4. Hankflorida.... never mind. I can't even muster the energy to respond to that. Not worth it. If he could at least spell the player's names right I could overlook the ignorance.


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