Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Take: Ranking the Yankees Offseason Needs

The New York Yankees are heading into unchartered territory this offseason as this will be the first time in twenty seasons that they will need a shortstop going into the winter. Derek Jeter has retired, Ivan Nova is coming off Tommy John surgery, Masahiro Tanaka may still need Tommy John surgery, Alex Rodriguez is coming off a second hip surgery and a second lost season due to injury or suspension, Mark Teixeira is still a coughing fit away from a 60 day DL trip, and Carlos Beltran is coming off elbow surgery. There are many question marks surround this team and many needs that need addressing this offseason. Depth should be the biggest concern for the Yankees. With depth the Yankees can also get younger at the same time. When I rank the Yankees needs it looks something like this:

1.       Shortstop
2.       Starting Pitcher
3.       4th Outfielder
4.       Starting Pitcher
5.       Third Baseman
6.       Starting Pitcher
7.       First Baseman

With so many question marks in the rotation the Yankees need to do SOMETHING in the starting rotation market. Whether it be promote the likes of Bryan Mitchell or Manny Banuelos, signing a few Chris Capuano’s to minor league deals, or go crazy and bring in a Max Scherzer, Jon Lester, or James Shields. Brandon McCarthy has a history of shoulder issues (and is a free agent), CC Sabathia has the knee and elbow issues, Masahiro Tanaka has that partially torn ulnar collateral ligament, Ivan Nova is coming off Tommy John surgery and will not be sharp or effective in his first season back, and Michael Pineda has yet to put together a full and healthy season for New York. The need for pitching is apparent and obvious right now for New York.

Obviously the Yankees need to replace Derek Jeter physically but they also need to improve the offense at the same time if they can. The need for a fourth outfielder is huge right now because honestly nobody knows if Carlos Beltran will be able to play even 100 games in right field in 2015 for the Yankees. Like Beltran no one knows what to expect out of a 40 year old two bad hip having Alex Rodriguez at third base either. Plus we all saw what Mark Teixeira went through this season. I’d rather not be caught flat footed this time around so hopefully the Yankees and Brian Cashman are reading this and readying their plans. If you need some help Cash, call me!

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