Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tino Martinez and Time for Forgiveness

My name is Daniel Burch, I am a fan of the New York Yankees, and I forgive Tino Martinez. It’s crazy that I even had to start out a post like that but it’s getting ridiculous out here. Martinez, the former Yankees legend who has a plaque in Monument Park for God’s sake, is being bashed all over the Yankees blogosphere by bloggers and beat writers when the idea is brought up that he should be the next hitting coach in New York. Everyone is extremely quick to bring up his time in Miami, his choking allegations, and his ultimate firing as reasons to not bring him into New York again on the coaching staff. It’s over people and it’s time to forgive, again.

It looks like the Yankees have already forgiven and forgotten, or don’t care as they shouldn’t since it happened in MIAMI not NEW YORK, as they held Tino Martinez Day at Yankee Stadium this past season. If the Yankees can forgive then so should you. I could be wrong but I don’t believe Tino ever admitted to physically choking a player, although I believe he did admit to physical confrontation which is probably not all that uncommon in the clubhouse, and even if he did so what? People make mistakes, it’s the first time I can remember his name ever being dragged through the mud for negative reasons, and everyone should get at least one free pass and get out of jail free card in life.

Tino screwed up but only because Tino has the fire that this lackadaisical Yankees squad needs and lacks. Tino was a professional hitter and has been hanging around Yankee Stadium and awful lot lately which leads me to believe that he could at least be in consideration for the job, and he should be in consideration for the job.

Tino was the Marlins coach in 2013 and it’s about to be 2015 so it’s time to forgive and forget. If you’re not comfortable with forgetting, then simply forgive. Besides, fear is the ultimate motivator so maybe this is what Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira need to finally start beating the shift. I kid, somewhat. 

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  1. Well said Daniel! I don't care if he did choke some cocky, arrogant nothing in Miami. I think the Yankees could use some fire. Somebody that isn't okay with mediocrity. Tino, Posada, O'Neil, or Giambi. They would all be okay in my books.


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