Friday, December 5, 2014

Alexi Ogando the Next Yankees Swing-Man?

The Texas Rangers made Alexi Ogando a free agent after not tendering him a contract before the deadline this week, should the Yankees take notice? Would Ogando fit in as the next Yankees swing-man who can easily jump from the bullpen to the rotation as needed joining David Phelps? If he's healthy, and the Rangers said he was before non-tendering him, then I believe he should at least be in the discussion.

Ogando struggled in 2014 posting a 6.84 ERA in just 25 IP but I truly believe, with nothing to back this up unfortunately other than a guy feeling, that the right hander battled the injury all season long and will be more along the lines of his career 3.35 ERA (including the ugly mark last season) going forward.

The Rangers loss could be the Yankees gain as the team was reportedly upset with Ogando's refusal to pitch in the Winter League's this winter which could have factored into the non-tender decision. Ogando is just 31 years old and used to the abuse that comes along with switching between the pen and the rotation and could essentially save Phelps' arm for the long term for an incentive laden one year contract. I don't see an issue with signing him and letting him play it out in Spring Training and hopefully the Yankees don't either.

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