Friday, December 5, 2014

Cashman Not Ruling Out Anything After Trading For Gregorious, Signing Miller

Three things happened Friday that could lead to the Yankees pursuing a top starting pitcher at next week's Winter Meetings.

They acquired a $506,000 shortstop in Didi Gregorious, traded away a potential rotation piece in Shane Greene, and likely ended their interest in David Robertson by inking Andrew Miller for $16 million less. Basically, they made two money-saving deals while getting rid of someone many thought would be throwing every five days for them next season, the perfect storm for a run at a Max Scherzer.

And while he wouldn't say anything too specific on the subject, Yankees GM Brian Cashman did stay open to the idea when asked about it recently at an event in Stamford, though nothing he said was that groundbreaking. 

“There are certain things that can impact us," Cashman told The Star Ledger's Steve Politi, "and we can change our course of action that we weren’t necessarily pursuing early."

That course openly included shying away from this offseason's top free agents, the aforementioned Scherzer included. The Yankees were said to have offered him a six-year deal last weekend, but now it appears that report wasn't true.

Nonetheless, the Yankees have certainly been busy since missing the playoffs for the second time in as many seasons, swapping Francisco Cervelli for Pittsburgh's Justin Wilson and re-signing Esmil Rogers over the last few weeks.  

“I’m not trying to chase you guys into some big story," Cashman said, making it clear nothing is guaranteed with his team right now. "I just think we’re open to evaluating the marketplace as it evolves, and how our efforts evolve, as well.”

One such possible change Cashman may be referring to could be that of Robertson, whom the Yankees have said their willing to negotiate with if he cheapens his price tag. 

Robertson has wanted a four-year/$52-million contract for the past month, but still appears to be on the Yankees radar. He's been a reliable contributor to their bullpen since 2008, and considering the dominance that could come if he joined up with Miller, Wilson and Dellin Betances, it's a safe bet New York's intrigued by the thought of keeping him.



    *Nice job, Jack Niemuth, on the above article. Always enjoy reading your words. Thank you.

    Didi Gregorious : Just spent the past hour, or so, being brought up to speed on this player.
    Internet 101, can bring you up to there very quickly.
    My first reaction on learning of the trade ...was...." Why him ? ..Why not Castro ?...Balls ! "
    After calming down, and self educating, I have come to the conclusion that the Yankees
    did a fine job. This is a very good short stop, who may get better offensively. I am actually
    very pleased. Nice trade.

    Miller ? Terrific signing ! This may not be the end of the bullpen maneuvering. Can we dream ?
    Lets create a lethal bullpen.

    Next up....a bat. LH power, or Melky ? ...Trade Gardner while he is hot, for pitching
    Next up....starting pitching. I have no idea where that can go.

    Good bye....Stephen Drew. ...Missing spring training did not make you stink up the joint.
    I never could understand that.

    1. I agree patrick that Didi could get better. He's left handed, 24 years old and coming to Yankee Stadium. Even if he never becomes a 20 home run hitter that short porch can lead to some doubles and such that he was not getting in Arizona. Didi is not Castro but we still have a farm system and I am okay with that.

      It's worth mentioning that Cashman said Miller would not be the team's closer, whether we get Robertson back or not, which means D Rob could still be in play. We will presumably have to have a bit of a discount but it still could happen.


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