Monday, December 22, 2014

Most Popular Article of the Week: Jake Peavy Rumors

- Edit: this was written before he re-signed with the Giants. Carry on.
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Once or twice a year I get a text from a friend who is very low level inside the New York Mets organization about a potential signing, rumor etc. and truth be told he is either wrong or the rumor doesn’t come to fruition more times than not. When my guy is right though my guy is right. I had the Curtis Granderson signing to the Mets last year about a week and a half earlier than anyone else and received no credit for not only breaking the news but getting the dollars and years down EXACTLY. That’s fine though. My guy also told me about three hours before the Mark Teixeira signing, pre-blog years, although for every Teixeira and Granderson we have the news that the Yankees were close to a deal with Francisco Rodriguez last season for the bullpen. 

Just to drive my point home here is when I REPORTED IT from my source on December 4th. Here is when Joel Sherman "FIRST" REPORTED IT according to MLB Trade Rumors. What a crock, this actually got the blog blocked from Mr. Sherman on Twitter when we disputed the "who had it first" concept. Childish. FYI This post was on December 9th, not December 4th, but Sherman had it

With this blog I am simply reporting and reiterating what I have been told. I’m not saying it’s true and I’m not saying it’s not but I am saying it comes from a guy that I trust that has been proven to be right in the past. I’m also not saying that a contract HAS been offered and I am not saying that a contract WILL be offered, again I am simply reporting what I have been told from my source.

The text said (beside the friendlies) “Yankees serious about Peavy.” To paraphrase subsequent texts followed about the Yankees liking his sinker ball, the fact that he was a veteran and the fact that he misses enough bats to survive in New York. I’ve also been told that the team likes him on a one year deal and all signs point to Peavy wanting to stay in San Francisco and get at least two seasons. Again, this is all paraphrasing and coming from the source. This is not confirmed, this is not reporting etc. it is what it is. Take it with a grain of salt.

I have been sitting on this information for a couple days now pondering whether to run with it or not. I went on twitter and asked out followers what they thought and the negativity surprised me. I could have responded with how Brandon McCarthy “sucked” or was “terrible” before he came to New York but I didn’t, I don’t like to fight losing battles. If something comes of this and I hear about it I’ll be sure to pass it along. If nothing comes of it I still stand by my source, before anyone asks, and I stand by this post. I can do that with confidence because it is what it is, it’s not confirmed and I’m not an insider, but if it does happen I would appreciate a little recognition this time around. Not sure my ego could withstand another Granderson situation. I kid, but really…

Also, notice that this text happened before the Chris Capuano signing. That could put this entire thing to bed. Again, stay tuned. 

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