Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Plan to Acquire Troy Tulowitzki

It’s the offseason and it’s the slowest part of the offseason right before pitchers and catchers report and right after all the big named free agents have picked new homes for 2015. Let’s have some fun and throw a hypothetical out there and iron out a plan for the New York Yankees to acquire troy Tulowitzki from the Colorado Rockies either in July 2015 or next offseason before the 2016 season.

Tulowitzki will remain in Colorado through at least July mainly because he has to prove that his surgically repaired hip is healthy and healed. In my opinion New York, had it not been for the surgery, would have been all over acquiring Tulo this offseason but instead acquired Didi Gregorius from the Arizona Diamondbacks basically for Shane Greene in a three team trade.

Gregorius is under team control for quite a long time, all six years if I am not mistaken, and could be quite attractive in a trade if he were to rebound or breakout in 2015. That also gives New York a year to evaluate Tulowitzki and his surgically repaired hip to see if a trade would even be worth it. The Yankees could essentially flip Gregorius to Colorado to replace him at shortstop for much cheaper contract wise and five years of team control. Naturally New York would have to throw in a few more prospects but that would also give the team another year to bring along the plethora of young talent they have at the lower levels of their farm system making a trade realistically possible.

It’s a dream, I admit, but it may not be as farfetched of a dream as one may think.  This time next year we may be talking about how Tulowitzki is the true replacement for the great Derek Jeter, his idol, and that Gregorius was merely a stopgap and all a part of Brian Cashman’s evil plans. 


  1. Either Didi is good and the team keeps him as a cheap player, or he's not good and has little to no trade value.

    1. You're probably ultimately right but like I said, time to dream. I just want Tulo, as a fan, and it made sense in my little head.

  2. I would like tulos bat in the line up but I think his days at short are numbered now. And with the yankees making the stupid mistake of signing cheese Headley instead of just keeping the better player in prado, there is no room for tulo to move off of short. I'm kind of excited about didi, I hope he does well and for our team. He will never be tulo, but do we really wanna watch tulo start his decline at 32 and watch all the guys we gave away thrive in Colorado?

    1. Thanks for the comment Joseph.

      I did mention that the team would take the year toe valuate both players. If Didi is crushing the ball then this is probably a moot point. If Tulo isn't healthy then the same can be said.

  3. Joseph N.....please allow me also to welcome you to the Greedy Pinstripes Site.
    It is a home for superior talent, that flies under the radar.
    Talented / humorous posters...that are good guys.

    I hope you join us. It is January, a bit slow now........but get to know us during this slack time.
    Warm weather, or close to it, will have this group rock-in.

  4. NO BASEBALL TONIGHT....you'll get over it.

    How about some great R& R...?

    Received my new CD today, from Amazon...
    Tom Petty Live...1985..." Pack up the Plantation "
    Super tunes, not all, but most that will want you to get up bounce around. Chase that women.

    ( Maybe its not for all of us.....it may send Kenneth on his way to the men's room )

    1. There you go again Patrick, making fun of my Depends!

      If one likes real music...not the digitally enhanced stuff...you have got to Jam with the true artists. You know the ones that made real music, with their own voices and never lip synced.
      Billie Holiday, Rosemary Clooney, Nat "King Cole, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett Sammy Davis Jr., Sinatra, just to name a few.
      They sang and the Jazz bands played in the old Coffee Houses of California. They would have Jazz Jams, in the afternoons on Sunday. A few guys would get up there and start playing and soon you would have others join in or take the place of those on the stage.
      Sometimes it would be one guy...say Oscar Peterson at the piano and then Gerry Mulligan would join him on the sax, and up would pop Sammy D to sing...he always was singing, no matter where he was.
      The best part was...it cost us nothing at all! It was just a thing they did...a true Jam Session of Stars. It sort of dates me, because for the last 45 years or so...nothing like that would or could ever happen again! I mean these guys were the real deal.
      Brubeck, Coltrane, The Count, and not to be forgotten Miles Davis.
      Too bad you guys are too young to have enjoyed them as I did and do.

      When I am Pis*ed off about being old, I think of the ballplayers I have seen play, that most only hear about or read their stat sheets and say a singles hitter belongs in the same company as they ARE.
      Stats tell only half the story, the rest of the story is the Domination of those players. In the last 20+ years, have any of you ever heard an opposing team say, "We can't let so and so beat us"? When they say that about a player, they know he is a dominate player....and belongs with the greatest players!

    2. patrick,

      I am sure I know the answer but did you listen to the song I posted on the "this day in history" post?

    3. DAN IN PINSTRIPES......a song ? in the day of history post ? Got passed me.

      The blizzard this week had me away for long periods.
      By you putting up the 162 game, double spaced, schedule pushed all your fine work
      overboard. We all know the schedules, creative work should take presidence.

      I tried looking for it, but I do not know what date you posted it.
      What the hell...things are slow...put that tune back up there again.

      Maybe even Kenneth may find something to like in it ?

    4. There are many singers today I like. But many more I don't like. Anyone that sings Songs and not Rap or shouting, will be ok with me!
      For one, I like the voice of Christina Aguilera as in the movie Burlesque! Also, many of the Country /Western singers.

    5. KEN REED'S LIST....of omitted names, from his list all time favorite singers.

      Way at the top of that dusty stack of LP's sits the likes of.....

      'The Best of Burl Ives', 'Jimmy Durante Live in Hell's Kitchen'....and the best of
      them all...'Kenny & Twasp Sing Gene Autry'.

      Christina Aguilera ? No wonder you keep going back to the hospital.

    6. I also scoffed, and stopped reading, at Christina Aguilera. Most of that music, and when I say most I mean all, is way before my time. I appreciate history and things before my time but would honestly never choose to listen to that music more than the once to give it a chance.

      No offense.

    7. You young'uns have no class at all!
      But what can a man of my high standards expect from kids not dry behind the ears yet.
      Mario Lanza, Pavarotti, Poli and Corbelli, names you may never have heard before. But that is ok, it takes getting use to and understanding. Not everyone likes their music, if it were not for a guy that played that stuff every chance he had I wouldn't know of them either...except for Mario!

    8. I'm not saying it's bad music, it's not at all, I'm just saying if I am in the car by myself I am probably picking something else to listen to.

  5. FLASH !!!!....At this moment, two of those ' other sites ', are reporting that
    Yoan Moncada will be allowed to sign within two weeks.
    Allow your minds to run free.

    I already have....I've sent Drew, and Capuano to the Mets, for three hot dog vendors.
    And, I've signed Big Game Shields.
    Now you have a ball club.

    1. We more or less reported it when we reported the loop hole stating New York could sign him without the US Government unblocking him.

      I want Moncada and I want Moncada now.


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