Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hall of Fame voters not big fans of A-Rod

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez certainly isn't a fan-favorite after his 2014 suspension for PED use, and that growing dislike for him might be spreading to the Hall of Fame voters.

Many of those who decide Cooperstown's inductees are unlikely to select Rodriguez for the honor, according to a report from Newsday's Steven Marcus. Rodriguez, who still has three seasons left on his current contract with the Yankees, won't be up for the accolade until at least 2022, but BBWAA writers in contact with Marcus say that won't matter. 

"I would expect that he'll be shunned even that far down the road by the same people that continue to resist voting for [Barry] Bonds and [Roger] Clemens in particular," ESPN's Peter Pascarelli said. "And I suspect he'll get that treatment or worse. I really don't expect him to get elected."

It's not that surprising people like Pascarelli feel that way, as Rodriguez has been involved in multiple steroid scandals in his career. Not to mention his recent off-the-field issues, which have also affected the veteran's public image.

Even some who have voted for Bonds and Clemens in the past don't plan to put Rodriguez's name on their ballots, Newsday columnist David Lennon being one of them.

"The difference with Rodriguez?" Lennon said. "Unlike [Bonds and Clemens], A-Rod was severely disciplined by Major League Baseball after testing was implemented, with a record suspension, and was constantly at war with both MLB and the Yankees. That is enough to doom his candidacy for Cooperstown in my mind." 

Bonds and Clemens both retired after 2007, and were left out of the Hall in their third year eligible for it earlier this month. They are eligible for 10 years, though, so there's still time for things to change.

The Yankees likely hope that fact will motivate Rodriguez for the rest of his tenure with them, low as their expectations for him are said to be. 

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