Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day everybody. Let's remember why you're getting the day off from work paid, the day off from school or the reason you can come in our comments section and complain about it. Have a great day everyone. Personally I have to work today but that's okay, maybe next year.


  1. MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY.........There is no reason for me to take the time out, to remember
    as to why I am getting a day off with pay. This was all political pandering. Folks were being threatened.
    if they did not vote for this " Holiday ."

    George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays were taken off our nation's calender.
    Great presidents, that did far more to shape this country, than the aforementioned King.

    He has been dead for fifty years, and thanks to increased crime, and affirmative action...
    ...the country is worse off now. There is a reason why this government will not allow
    his records to be accessed for one hundred years. If ever.

    If today is not enough for some, there is always black history week coming up next.
    Then you can be educated as to the fact, that people like me should not be allowed to speak facts.

    1. Patrick, be careful the PC police are going to come after you and demand you have PC training.
      Don't you know there is no such thing as a debate with Liberals, their idea of a debate is to shout you down, discredit you or call you a racist...end of debate!
      Dr. King was a good man, the problem is, many of the things he stood for have been twisted to serve those that make a living out of Race and perpetuating it!
      The years I spent in the service, I never saw a racist nor met one!

    2. KEN R. REED.....My comment today, was addressed at this so called holiday.

      I know what I speak, and I believe that guy King, was a shame, and a bum.
      Ronald Reagan, a wonderful, kind, strong American.... was decimated by the left.
      King could never of stood in that man's shoes. Never. Dream,or no dream.

      I have dream's every night. His so called dream was baloney. He made that up.
      Liberals, PC, and race callers have one thing in common. When someone speaks
      the truth, they go nuts. Screw them.

    3. I will go along with the last part Patrick!
      I do believe Dr. King had the right ideas, but some of the players that came after him did everything to change what he stood for. He didn't ask for nor demand special treatment, just the chance for the same things that everyone has the right to. Sit, live, eat, job, schools etc. as we all had the right to work for...not, given to them with our hard earned dollars, nor did he want special treatment. It was the break-up of the family because the family's were given more money from the Gov't (our money) if there was NO father in the home but kids after kids.
      I took a class In Econ' 102 back a few years ago (in downtime), and we had to put together a synopsis of who had more useable income after taxes...;
      A family making $40,000 dollars with a family of four or a household of four with the mother as the head of said household.
      Bottom line, after taxes, the family of four came in second place. Now I don't know about you but that just isn't the way it is meant to be. That was back a few years ago.
      Why work so hard to get ahead and support your family in the style you want for them to have...only to see a person at the supermarket come to the register with TWO shopping carts full of steaks, crab legs and all the things you can't afford to eat every day! The best part is, it is paid with our stamps.
      Yes, Reagan was one of the best presidents we have ever had! But you know, the way things are...if they can't beat him, they change history as much as they can.
      One thing to be remembered, King and Reagan had two different jobs. One the president of ALL the people, the other working for EQUALITY, not special treatment!
      And as a footnote...if it weren't for the Republicans the Civil Rights Bill never would have passed. The Democrat's voted 50% against the bill.


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