Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Hope for the Yankees in 2015

Opening Day is not tomorrow so a lot can still go down between then and now, especially with the likes of Max Scherzer and James Shields still on the market, but looking at the teams in the American League East now there may be some hope for the Yankees in 2015. Pay attention, I did not say the Yankees would win the AL East or would lose the AL East, I'm saying there is hope. That's it. While the Yankees have had a quiet offseason, for New York anyway, so have quite a few other teams. Let's take a look at what teams in the AL East have added and lost using WAR.

Orioles - 96-66:

Baltimore has lost Nelson Cruz (4.7 WAR), Nick Markakis (2.1 WAR) and Andrew Miller (0.9 WAR w/ Baltimore). Adding that up, without a significant addition to the roster yet, means the Orioles could potentially be eight games worse in 2015.

Yankees - 84-78:

New York has added a full season of Chase Headley (3.5 WAR), Andrew Miller (1.8 WAR), Didi Gregorius (1.1 WAR), Nathan Eovaldi (0.2 WAR) and a full season of Stephen Drew which should be better than his -0.6 WAR in 2014. For this purpose I am going to assume a full soring training and such gets Drew back to at least an even 0.0 WAR.

New York also lost Brandon McCarthy (1.6 WAR), Hiroki Kuroda (2.4 WAR), David Robertson (1.2 WAR), Derek Jeter (0.2 WAR) and Ichiro Suzuki (1.0 WAR) this offseason among others. Taking into account the losses and the gains in WAR the team could potentially win 84 games again like they did last season, or worse.

Blue Jays - 83-79:

Toronto added Russell Martin (5.5 WAR) to one of the best lineups in the AL East but also lost Melky Cabrera (3.1 WAR) and Colby Rasmus (0.9 WAR) this offseason. It looks like the Blue Jays won't necessarily improve this season whatsoever, they may be destined for another third or fourth place finish and 84 victories.

Rays - 77-85:

The Rays are in last place in 2015, I don't necessarily feel the need to list everyone they have lost and the few "key" acquisitions they have added.

Red Sox - 71-91:

Sure Boston added Rick Porcello (4.0 WAR), Pablo Sandoval (3.4 WAR), Hanley Ramirez (3.5 WAR), Wade Miley (0.8 WAR) and Justin Masterson (-0.9) but the team also lost Jon Lester (2.7 WAR), John Lackey (1.4 WAR), Yoenis Cespedes (1.3 WAR), Rubby De La Rosa (0.4 WAR) and Burke Badenhop (1.5 WAR). Sure Boston added 3.5 wins according to WAR and sure they probably added more than that when it's all said and done but did they make up 20 games? Looking at the pitching staff I wouldn't be so sure.

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