Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Tanyon Sturtze Situation & "Journalism"

This whole Tanyon Sturtze situation really makes me ashamed to call myself a blogger, or a journalist, a writer or whatever word you want to associate with the job. I'm not going to simply copy and paste what others have said because I frankly feel like I am better than that. Also I haven't contacted Tanyon about his comments and I don't feel right frankly cherry picking his Facebook post. Honestly I probably won't, although if you're reading Tanyon and you want to talk I would be honored to pick your brain because it sounds like we have the same opinions and thoughts on the Hall, and I find it horrific that this kind of hack journalism is still going on.

I'm not going to copy and paste what is going on, you can Google it easy enough if you really want to know, this is simply calling out those who choose the same profession as me. Be a man, Tanyon will talk to you if you approach him about his comments. He's a cool dude. Just don't simply copy and paste and publicize his stuff, you're better than that.


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