Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Mystery Behind Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram Photo’s

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Ted Berg of the USA Today gets it and he shares it with the rest of us in this semi-sarcastic and highly comical article SEEN HERE. Enjoy, because lord knows I did. Maybe being an Alex Rodriguez fan swayed my opinion a little bit but he does make a lot of sense in the article and I found myself shaking my head in agreement a whole lot. Anyway, enough of me. Read on:

That smug jerk. How dare he share photos of himself on Instagram? And training for the upcoming baseball season, of all things! What utterly, shamefully reckless behavior. It’s clear that one of five or six things must be happening here. A-Rod either:

1) Is trying to defraud the unblemished reputation of the storied New York Yankees franchise by posting photos of himself working out and looking healthy so he can maintain to his insurers that he made a good-faith effort to play baseball and physically cannot, walking away from the sport but collecting a fat paycheck in the process.

2) Is tormenting us all by reminding us that he’ll soon be allowed to play baseball again, flaunting the leniency of the arbitration process that granted him a suspension only 112 games longer than typical punishment for first-time performance-enhancing drug offenses in baseball, and one based in part on the testimony of a guy who actually sold performance-enhancing drugs to high school kids.

3) Is shilling for his new line of business-casual workout wear, which would actually be kind of awesome in about the most A-Rod way of all time.

4) Is openly defying the words of GM Brian Cashman, steward of the celebrated New York Yankees tradition, after Cashman said Rodriguez would be a DH in 2015. Look at him, smugly participating in baseball activities only six weeks before he’ll be expected to do them every day at spring training.

5) Is on steroids again and showing off the energy and flexibility he has obviously achieved only through artificial, illegal and disgraceful means, mocking the collectively bargained drug-testing process that has yet to catch him dirty.

6) Is taking some grounders at his old high-school field, and someone who was there thought, “Hey, it’s a nice day and the baseball season is around the corner. Alex got a nice response from fans to his Instagram post wishing everyone a happy New Year, and maybe sharing a photo of him earnestly working out in his humble setting would be a nice way for him to connect with more fans on social-media and not at something that will make the internet explode with speculation about his motives.”

So, yeah. Who knows why A-Rod would so brazenly post a photo of himself to his Instagram? But it’s probably one of those six things, or something else you’ve decided it might be. Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram is a prism through which we can read goodness and light or darkness and evil or hope and humility or arrogance and deceit. Or maybe it’s just a photo of him working out.


  1. Daniel...
    We should have an OPEN forum every once in a while. You know a posting where we can have off topic comments on anything about baseball or just bit-h about anything at all!
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    1. I'm down for that. Maybe in the evenings? Try it out once or twice a week?

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