Friday, February 13, 2015

Pete Rose Wants Back in Baseball

There is finally a little bit of hope for all those, including myself, that are in the camp that want to see Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from Major League Baseball lifted and who want to see the All-Time Hits King in the Hall of Fame. Bud Selig was very adamant about keeping Rose out of the game and the Hall but did seem to bend a little the last time the All Star Game was in Cincinnati. Rose was allowed in the ballpark for the festivities and will be allowed in the park in 2015 when the game is back in Cincinnati. With a new Commissioner of Major League Baseball there may be more hope in the Rose camp.

Rose desperately wants to talk to new Commissioner Rob Manfred after Manfred was asked and quoted as saying that the Rose issue was something he would at least consider and discuss. Manfred did acknowledge that he never reviewed the case involving Rose and did not set a timetable in any shape or form but did acknowledge that he would be open to a meeting. However small the margin and the possibility for Rose there is still a chance… and that’s more than what he had with Selig. Optimism.

Listen, Rose bet on games as a manager of the Cincinnati Reds and was banned in August of 1989 and honestly it’s a crock. Rose’s Hall of Fame case is for his playing career, not his managerial career, first and foremost and Rose didn’t do anything different that “disgraced” the game. Rose’s job was to win games in Cincinnati, whether he bet on the game or not, and always bet on his team to win. Was it a crappy thing to do and against the rules? Absolutely, fine him, suspend him whatever. Ban him from baseball for trying to win games as a manager? What a joke. 

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