Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bob Sheppard: The Only Constant was Change

Early this morning, like we do early every single morning, we here on the blog went over this day in New York Yankees history and we saw that Bob Sheppard misses his first day of announcing for the Yankees in 55 seasons. Can you image how much change that Sheppard saw just from his time with the Yankees from his first called game in 1951 to this day in 2006? The only constant, besides the Yankees, had to be change for him so I thought it would be interesting to go against the grain and a little off script today to look at the average price of general items in 1951 and compare them to what they cost in 2006 on average. After looking at the list all I can say is I hope Sheppard was getting a pretty hefty cost of living raise yearly from Mr. Steinbrenner.

1951: $16,000
2006: $246,500

1951: $3,515
2006: $48,451

1951: $0.92
2006: $3.12

1951: $0.20
2006: $2.88

1951: $0.16
2006: $1.62

1951: $0.03

2006: $0.39

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