Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nick's Picks: Red Sox VS Yankees Round 2

Well if last night wasn't a total disappointment then I don't know what is. How you play a terrific comeback effort like what was unfolding for 19 innings in the Bronx and then walk away with the loss. So many mistakes were made in that game, surprisingly none falling on the pitching. Esmil Rogers was exhausted, you cannot fault him for that. What a gritty effort he made, even though he did have a hiccup every other inning or so. The offense is atrocious. Especially with runners in scoring position. Sir Didi, I am not a fan of you at all. How many times are you going to have a chance to prove yourself, like that of Chase "Mr. Clutch" Headley. You will always be remembered for how you do not know how to hit and unless you prove us wrong we will always see you as someone who unfortunately is a weak hitter. So, let's throw all that away and make our picks for today. Hopefully this match-up is a lot better than last night, but then again I am losing hope fast.

Best Pitching Performance: So, we have established that our pen will be a strength for us all year. So, I am picking Mr. Miller to be my pick on the mound today. I think that he comes in and shuts the door down on another hard fought Yankee game today and obviously a win. I think Miller throws a perfect 9th with 2 K's for the save.

Breakthrough Hitter: This is a joke of a category anymore and honestly I am sick of what I saw last night. I am going to go with J.R Murphy here. Yeah I know he likes it spelled out but I think he is going to come up big today and prove why he broke camp with the Yankees. I think he goes 2-3 with a big double and two RBI's.

Mr. Clutch: I know my names change but you catch the drift. I think today the clutch performer will be ARod. Yes I know I did not want to go with him for breakthrough hitter but playing first base today, and finding some sort of stroke I see him being the X-factor today. Watch Arod do some work over at first and maybe come up with a big hit late.

All in all I think this will be another perfect Yankees VS Red Sox game and will go back and forth. Hopefully with young Adam Warren on the mound the Yankees can find some way to remember how to hit the ball. I am picking the Yankees winning this one 4-2. Let's go Yankees, hit the ball when it counts!

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