Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame Seeks Nominations

Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame Seeks Nominations
Committee solicits nominations from the public by May 11

CHARLESTON, SC – Once again, the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame is seeking nominations for the Class of 2015.

The Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame is located inside Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park, and once an individual or team has been nominated, there is no need to re-submit.

An advisory committee consisting of knowledgeable and local volunteers was created to come up with names as potential nominees.  The group selects annually up to seven candidates for consideration and voting is conducted by fans.  Ballots will be available online atwww.riverdogs.com and at Riley Park during RiverDogs home games.

The maximum of three individuals/teams that receive the most votes will be inducted into the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame during ceremonies prior to the Friday, August 7 RiverDogs 7:05 p.m. game against the Savannah SandGnats.

Originally designed for professional players who played for local professional team, the Hall of Fame seven years ago was adjusted to include amateurs and teams, in addition to those who played in the major leagues.

The Class of 2014 included Reese Havens, David Hoffman and Billy Swails, Jr., while the Class of 2013 consisted of Gettys Glaze, Tom Hatley and John Rhodes.

In the Hall of Fame’s inaugural year in 2003, James Island’s Gorman Thomas and Holly Hill’s Willie Randolph were enshrined as the first members.  David Cone was inducted in 2004 and John Candelaria received the nod in 2005.  Ty Cline, Mike Cook, Gary McJunkin and Chal Port comprised the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2006, marking the first time that amateurs and teams were considered for induction. 

In 2007, inducted were the 1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars and The Citadel’s 1990 College World Series team along with Modie Risher and Anthony Jenkins.  The Class of 2008 included Bryce Florie, Charley Smith, Richard Wieters and Danny Jones while the Class of 2009 consisted of John Dodds, Jr., W.S. “Bull” Durham, Donald Morillo and Doug Pounder. 

In 2010, the enshrined group included Lee Glaze, Fred Jordan, D.K. Walters and Kenny Wilkinson while in 2011, fans selected Roberto Alomar, William Ackerman and Mike Kimbrell.

To nominate an individual or a team for consideration in 2015, please forward appropriate support information to The Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame, c/o Charleston RiverDogs, PO Box 20849, Charleston, SC  29413, or email it to pr1@riverdogs.com.  Deadline for submissions is May 11.


2014 – Reese Havens
            David Hoffman
            Billy Swails, Jr.

2013 – Steven Jackson
Drew Meyer
            Britt Reames

2012 – Gettys Glaze
            Tom Hatley
            John Rhodes

2011 – Bill Ackerman
            Roberto Alomar
            Mike Kimbrell

2010 – Lee Glaze
Fred Jordan
D.K. Walters
Kenny Wilkinson

2009 – John Dodds, Jr.
            W.S. “Bull” Durham
            Donald Morillo
            Doug Pounder

2008 – Bryce Florie
            Danny Jones
            Charley Smith
            Richard Wieters

2007 – 1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Star Team
            1990 Citadel World Series Team
            Anthony Jenkins
Modie Risher

2006 – Ty Cline
            Mike Cook
            Gary McJunkin
            Chal Port

2005 – John Candelaria

2004 – David Cone

2003 – Willie Randolph
           Gorman Thomas

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