Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Will Carlos Beltran Make it through 2015 in Pinstripes?

Yesterday morning and afternoon all that was on my mind was Carlos Beltran and whether he was going to snap out of this funk he’s in. If Beltran does not snap out of it you have to wonder just how long his leash is in New York. Would he make it through the season on the team? Would he get benched? Would he get designated for assignment? Would he accept a trade by waiving his no trade clause and would anyone take him? Those are all legitimate questions that I don’t believe anyone has an answer for, but I asked you guys on Twitter anyway and this is what you had to say.

Honestly I think the Yankees can’t keep running him out there. The window to win a championship or even make the playoffs with this team in its current state is small and getting smaller by the day. There is little room to improve the roster via free agency in 2016 and there is little room, roster wise, to improve the team from within. The team is going to be another year older and another year past their primes in 2016 so if the Yankees are going to win it has to happen now, and I can’t see that happening right now with Carlos Beltran clogging up the middle of the lineup with strikeouts.

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