Saturday, May 16, 2015

Troy Tulowitzki Just Wants to be the Good Guy

There will be no “Scarface” type scene in Colorado this season when Troy Tulowitzki is screaming at the fans and the Rockies ownership and front office to “say goodnight to the bad guy” as Tulo announced he would not be requesting a trade from the team this season. It was brought up earlier in the week that the Rockies shortstop may request a trade from the team after four straight losing seasons and a losing streak this season that has already surpassed ten games in a row. Tulo eventually announced that he met with his agent and decided he would stick it out with the only professional team he has ever known but I personally think that was only because Tulowitzki wants to be the good guy in the situation.

Tulo is the face of the Colorado Rockies franchise but has made it abundantly clear that he is a fan of former Yankees captain Derek Jeter and the whole New York Yankees organization as a whole and would love to play in the Bronx. With Jeter’s former position and Tulowitzki’s current position, the shortstop position, in limbo with Didi Gregorius not yet living up to expectations some fans, including myself, have begun clamoring for Tulowitzki in the Bronx. Tulo wants to be in the Bronx, he has said as much in not so many words, but he does not want to disappoint the fans, the teammates, the friends and the relationships he has built in Colorado and who could blame him. He’s a selfless guy, I like that in a Yankee.

The casual fan does not want Tulowitzi because of his health concerns, his contract and what the team would have to give up to get him but I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as many think it will be if he is traded. Because of the injury concerns, which would be alleviated I think with a move to the American League and a move period out of the high elevations inside Coors Field, I think either the price tag will be lower than expected or the prospect haul will be lower than expected. If Colorado makes Tulo available they will either have to eat some of the salary to accommodate a trade, and in turn get more in return player wise, or trade him for substantially less than he is worth to completely get the contract off the books. Not many teams can, or will, take on the entire contract, for example the Mets are not going to be able to justify that contract on their end of year spreadsheet even with the added revenue, but the Yankees can. The Yankees ability to eat the contract, which if he was a free agent right now he would command much, much more than his current contract pays him at an offensively anemic position, will help them hold onto some of their top talent and still get a deal done if the discussions were ever to take place.

The stars are aligning for Tulo to be the good guy like he wants to be, the Rockies to be the villain like they have to be and for the New York Yankees to be the winner after six seasons. Get it done Cash, bring me the good guy. 


  1. I don't know about Tulo getting "much, much more" money if he were a free agent.

    Troy has 5 years and $94 million (with a club option for a 6th year at $15m/$4m buyout) remaining on his contract. This past offseason Pablo Sandoval got a 5 year/$95 million deal (club option for a 6th year at $17m/$5m buyout).

    I'm sure a shortstop, even with recent injury history, would have gotten a little more than Sandoval did, but I wouldn't say it would be a ton more.

    I'd be fine with the Yankees trading for Tulo provided it doesn't cost too much. The Yankees have the opportunity to build a team for 2017 that doesn't depend on high priced mercenaries. Severino could be huge for the team as a key component of the rotation, while Judge could be that middle of the order power bat that they will need. After them I'd be okay.

  2. Tightwad Hal will not allow for this type of move. I would love Tulo but the Yanks will be held for ransom as always and its not worth it. Didi is not the answer, the guy hits his body weight and is too erratic for me at SS. I don't want to hear about its taking time to adjust to NY because the bottom line is no matter what city you play ball in you still field and throw and hit the same. You either have the ability or you don't.

    1. I've never argued that fact I just asked that a reasonable sample size be provided. If were not there yet we are damn close. The dude sucks with the bat but his defense is exponentially better than what it was a month ago.

  3. nailed everything. Concise, and to the point.
    After almost a quarter season...Gregorius belongs in Scranton, or the Delaware Water Gap.

  4. UH OH !!.....not again !....I was getting spoiled.

    After the funk of the past five I again watching 2013 / 2014 ?
    Sure looks like it.

    Fall two runs behind over.
    Face pitchers with ERA above over.
    Face pitchers with ERA above 7.00, married to over.
    Face pitchers with arms that have fallen over.
    Batters that are batting .125....hit game over.
    Teams that are stinking up the joint, play the over.

    Afraid to remember 13-14 ? I'm also afraid, that it is back.

    Like an Aleve Gel Capsule, this team needs pain relief. Now, not weeks from now.

    Here I go again. But correct these, and they move past second tier.

    A second baseman, that can hit.
    Some form of upgrade at short stop, that can hit.
    An out field bat, that scares the hell out of the next pitcher. Beltran, may never be Beltran again.
    A pitcher not named Capuano, or the other cast of lame characters, that are now showing up.

    This is the team valued at $ 3 billion ?
    But wait...Carlos Beltran may get on a roll soon. This is nuts.

    1. To be fair those losses came against a first place royals team and a second place Rays team. They aren't exactly scrub teams. The offense has hit a low point though I do agree with you. Hard to tell if this is the offense we will see all season or the offense that continually beat the brains in of everyone and hit with RISP and two outs.

    2. Me thinks Patrick has gone over to the dark side!
      We have a second baseman that can hit, but alas, he is in AAA.
      We have a SS that is a very good glove man, only 4 errors and some dumb plays. Has great range and arm as for hitting, he can only get better and will with hard work. One must remember we had a SS that had 22 errors in his first full year and 24 in his 4th year. We also had an LF that hit like a little old lady but had 15+ HRs last year and is hitting over .300 as of the 16th of this month.
      Things can change when you are working with players that will buy into what one is teaching.
      As for Beltran being Beltran of old, forget ain't gonna happen! He may get some better numbers, but pitchers aren't afraid of him anymore.

      Is the sun and hard work getting to you in your old age Patrick? LOL
      Take care, don't spit into the wind!

    3. KEN REED.......the dark side ?

      No, just that I think I'm going to be watching re-runs of 2013-2014.
      You may be dead Beltran. He gets a ground ball single, and they think
      he is returning to form. They may be fooled....but not me.

      The hard work keeps me young. The sun is for walking my barrier beaches.
      You take care.....I already know about the wind thing.

    4. Just had to wake you up with the wind thing! lol

      I am almost done with my back yard, had to dig it up and put in all new top soil. I grow my own sod and put it in the places I dig up. Have the last 10 x 20 dug up and the sod is about ready to lay! Four years of fun, I should have asked you about it before I started, but had to have something other than fishing to keep me busy.
      The hard work is keeping you young because you are, the walking your beaches will keep you very young, indeed!
      Have a cold one for me, I'll have a cold Root Beer and join you in watching the reruns tonight! LOL

  5. MUSTACHES......down the drain. Almost,
    Eovaldi kept his dumb mustache. All played well but he, and Ellsbury. He kept his also.

    I watch Eovaldi, in the dugout...between pitches....and what I see worries me. He looks
    detached from what is going on around him. Almost like A.D.D.

  6. KENNETH.....why on earth does anyone grow their own sod ?
    You must have a lot of spare time on your hands.
    It's too late to ask now. But I bet it looks great.

    1. Older people reject change, technology and generally anything new. You know that. :)


    2. Patrick, I do have a lot of time on my hands, that's why I go fishing and work in the yard. And yes, the yard is looking just fine, they had used fill for the yard and planted grass over it. Needless to say, you know that means bad looking grass, so I decided to dig up my yard and put real top soil in place of the clay and rocks. Can you see me with a pic axe and shovel along with my walking stick? I have finally decided to get myself a riding lawn mower, after all, I am a bit older than you.
      I am glad it is about done, I think I am too old for that stuff!
      How the hell do you do that stuff all day?
      Oh boy, another rerun of last year...we lost again.

    3. You got that right Daniel, although I must admit my first trip back to the states (in the 60's) was a big eye opener and a welcome change. When I left the women wore long dresses and when I got off the plane in LA I saw them running around in dresses that were shorter than my belt. Talk about a culture shock?!?! LOL

    4. Thus proving that not all change is bad change lol

    5. Another loss for the binder.

  7. " THE BINDER "....How much can it hold ?....I know its not full.

    The binder is a collection bag, for another ( the third ) season of mindless loses,
    for a $ 3 Billion team that is stuck on a sandbar. Another waste of fine writing here, and
    dashed hopes for a winning season. The binder is needed to hide this disaster
    in the making.

    This squad left untended, and not retuned, will soon follow in the foot steps
    of 2013 / 2014. Slade Heathcott may not be the answer, but he is the
    first man out, and over the trenches.
    I hope he is the first of many. Give them their shots early. Who cares.
    Start the buses for veterans in need of homes.

    Last two observations.......Stephen Drew has now had his spring training, and is still
    batting .163. Maybe he needs multiple training camps. Tired of looking at him. the Yankees really have minor league pitching prospects ? Outside of
    Severino, who seems to be going no where, who is there ? There is none !

    Sorry...crappy morning. Lets hope Beltran gets an infield single tonight, or Drew draws a walk.
    May God shine some rays of hope on this team, in the person of Slade Heathcott.
    Fix bayonet, and over the top you go....young man.

    1. All your points, especially about pitching prospects always points to Cashman your main ELF!. Too many of you allow this Teflon Don aka Repelling Elf to skate free from the obvious, which is he has NFC. I can't and won't use the language though I would like to especially to some.

  8. Get out of my head patrick. I have a similar post scheduled for tomorrow afternoon pertaining to the binder.


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