Friday, May 15, 2015

Will Jorge Posada Please Just Stop?

Alex Rodriguez shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame because of his steroid use and neither should Roger Clemens. Joe Girardi blindsided him when he decided to make him a full-time DH and decided to move him down in the order because of his declining skills both offensively and defensively. Umpires used to fart on him during games while they were calling balls and strikes. The former Yankees catcher had a problem with his manager, especially towards the latter part of his career, and still holds at least some animosity towards him today some four years later. Jorge Posada, could you not? Please just stop.

Posada is doing interview after interview with local and national TV and radio personalities including our very own Michael Kay and Mike Zaun (if you don’t get the reference I can’t help you because you’re not a starting pitchah) and has touched on numerous topics either about his career, excerpts from his book, or both. None of them have been especially positive or made him or his legacy look any better, in fact he has many fans turning on him after the way he has handled this book tour and radio barrage. Posada, please stop.

I haven’t read the book so I am not going to speak on what he said, the truth of it, etc. etc. etc. but I will speak on the fact that he does come across as a little bit of a whiner. He gets dropped in the batting order after becoming a full time DH by the man whose job it is to put out the lineup every day that will help the team win ball games. When this happens he refuses to play the game and threatens to retire before cooler heads prevail but the damage, and the hissy fit, was done. I will also speak on the fact that his timing flat out sucks. The Yankees are retiring his #20 jersey this season and will honor him with a plaque in Monument Park after his somewhat limited involvement in the whole Core Four group. Posada was a part time player in both 1996 and 1998 and really only contributed to the 1999 and 2000 World Series as an everyday player. Now you may be thinking what about 2009 but by that time Jose Molina was starting a couple times a week and even started a few World Series games so that year could go either way and be argued over semantics for the rest of eternity but either way the point is proven.

People say Joe Torre rode the coattails of what Gene Michael and Buck Showalter did but never mention anything about Posada, which is ironic. I’m not trying to take away from anything Posada did in his career he was an awesome talent and one of my favorite players growing up but I am seeing him in a different light these days. If Bernie Williams didn’t write a book and bash the organization then I don’t see why Jorge felt the need to. Again I didn’t read the book so I could be way off base, and the way the media is I probably am, but again I am attacking his timing and his perceived “whiny” character and not the content as I have not read it. Jorge, you’re being out “Yankee Way” ‘d by Alex Rodriguez right now.. Let that sink in for a minute. Could you not?


  1. Maybe he wrote a book because he didn't make enough money playing baseball. (That was supposed to be dripping with sarcasm in case you couldn't tell)

  2. He did screwed out if like millions of bucks so you never know

    1. I also saw him and his wife on an episode of American Chopper building a Yankee bike. She looks expensive. And I'm not talking about the chopper! LOL!

    2. Follow her on Twitter, she is expensive. She does make her own money though she is a life coach.


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