Monday, June 1, 2015

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Seattle Mariners 6/1

Another week day and another baseball game played in the middle of the night, this time between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. Tonight on the mound will be a pair of aces for each of their respected teams as Michael Pineda and Felix Hernandez go head-to-head inside Safeco Field tonight. The game will be played at 10:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network and MLB TV.

Two more games after tonight and the Yankees come home to the Bronx and to Yankee Stadium to play host to another west coast team in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. By clicking the Yankees Tickets link at the top of the blog you can get your Yankees tickets in hand now before the team returns home to the great state of New York. If you can't make it live then simply jump on Twitter (@GreedyStripes) and the comments section of the site to chat with us during each and every single game this season.

That's enough out of me though because Big Mike is ready to take it from here. Go Yankees!

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