Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The New York Yankees through May in 2013, 2014 & 2015

I meant to get to this post yesterday since it was the first of the month but the schedule was too full to fit in the post. I guess having too much content and not enough time is never a bad thing but I do apologize anyway. Today we take a look at the Yankees record through the month of May the last three seasons. We pick the last three seasons for obvious reasons as the Yankees missed the playoffs in their 2013 and 2014 campaigns and look to avoid that same fate for a third year in a row.

The Yankees record through May 2013: 31-23 (2nd place)
The Yankees record through May 2014: 29-25 (2nd place)
The Yankees record through May 2015: 26-25 (1st place)

2013 Run Differential: +18
2014 Run Differential: -10
2015 Run Differential: +10

As you can see this team actually has the worst record of any of the three teams but thankfully for New York the team is also playing in the worst division of any of the three years. The Baltimore Orioles are not bashing people’s skulls in like they were in 2014 and the Boston Red Sox are no longer the juggernaut that they were in 2013 leaving at least some hope for New York. The bottom line is if the team wants to make the postseason it’s going to likely be as a division winner and not a Wild Card so they better at least win more than the Tampa Bay Rays or heads may begin to roll in the Bronx. 


  1. Eovaldi makes me a very nervous person when he pitches but, as long as he wins I can live with it. He is now 4-1 and doing better than some around here thought he would. He is not what one could call a finished product. Hell there are a plethora of hard throwing pitchers that had a hard time harnessing their fastball in the first few years and getting command of the strike zone.

  2. He doesn't scare me he is just so inconsistent you tend to expect Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Eovaldi at this point. He may be a late bloomer I truly believe that.

  3. The Great Eovaldi who pitched a little over 4 innings and thrown absurd amount of pitches. The Great Eovaldi that doesn't have a put away pitch yet throws upward of 97 and straight. The Great Eovaldi who when seen a few more times around the league will start having his straight fastball handed to him. He is 4-1 right now, I believe he will finish with no better than a 500 mark. Remember he has 15 wins in 4 years total not including this year in the pitcher friendly NL. Anyone see Prado is hitting 280 and change and our second baseman is batting my HS body weight of 155. Another stellar move by the Elf

    1. Damn Ken H, 155 in high school? And I always complained about being only 5'-9" and 175.
      Of course, that was back in the '50s...heck most of the centers in high school basketball were only about 6"-3" or 4".

      Don't be so hard on Eovaldi Ken H, he is still young and as Daniel (and I) said with his arm and as hard as he throws he will take some time to grow into what he COULD become! What the heck he has more wins than anyone not named Pineda as a starter!

    2. I was 135 in High School... Only 5' 10" though. I've filled out since then though.


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