Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

I know it’s early and you probably haven’t had your cup, or pot, of coffee yet but raise your hand if you’re tired of the defensive liability that Carlos Beltran has become in right field? I had to put my hand down to finish typing out this post but trust me I’m right there along with you. I’m real big on bringing the best 25 players with you in order to win games regardless of the backs of their baseball cards, their number of years in the league, their salaries etc. Now with that mindset we wouldn’t have Beltran batting fifth every night and we wouldn’t have him in right field anymore. It might be Heathcott when he returned or it could be Mason Williams, Ramon Flores or even Aaron Judge but it definitely would not be Beltran.

Judge would likely be the lowest man on that totem pole since he hasn’t played about Double-A but as a polished college bat you expect him to move through the system rather quickly. On many teams this batting line would at least be in Triple-A by now, and any time now I expect that call to come from the Yankees, or he may even be in the majors by now on other teams. So is the curse of being a Yankees prospect. With stats like these the team is not going to be able to justify keeping him down much longer, especially with Beltran letting easy pop flies and east fastballs get by him on the regular. 


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