Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Looking Ahead to ARod3K

Alex Rodriguez is now just five hits away from the very impressive milestone of 3,000 hits. Like the guy or hate the guy because of his attitude and steroid admissions and suspensions but you cannot take away a milestone like this one. There have been tons of players in Major League Baseball history that have taken steroids and never gotten 1,000 hits let alone 3,000 to go with 666 home runs. But anyway before we get too far off topic with this and the argument of whether steroids helped or hurt Rodriguez in the long run, and they hurt him more than they helped him let’s be honest with the time away for the suspension and the multiple hip surgeries, I’m more interested in when and where the historic 3,000th hit will take place.

Looking ahead to the schedule the Yankees have one more game in Miami tonight, a game that Alex is unlikely to get into, before returning home for two games with those same Marlins in the Bronx. After two nights off I expect Alex to be fresh, well rested and ready to go as he knocks in at least three hits knocking the total down to just two hits away.

After the Marlins series the team stays home for three games with the Detroit Tigers and three games against the Philadelphia Phillies. With eight straight games at home and just a handful of hits away from 3,000 Alex almost has to get the big hit at home inside Yankee Stadium. With HOPE Week and Old Timer’s Day going down at Yankee Stadium next week Alex will get the hit and intentionally take the spotlight away from an Old Timer or a very deserving charity or organization in true Alex fashion, I kid.

My prediction is that Alex gets the historic hit at Yankee Stadium on June, 20th. Old Timer’s Day. Write it down because it’s going to happen. 

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