Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekly Check In: Jorge Mateo

Since we can’t watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore because someone thinks we should all go outside and play or some crap like that I figured let’s take advantage of all our free time and check in on Yankees shortstop prospect Jorge Mateo. Mateo started the season showcasing his blazing speed on the base paths as he attempted to chase down Billy Hamilton’s minor league single season stolen base record. While that chase has slowed down a bit over the past few weeks that doesn’t mean Mateo has as he continues to show the Yankees what the future may look like with him plugged in at the shortstop position.

Mateo is not going to hit you 30 home runs and he may not even get 30 double in a single season in his career essentially making him now what the Yankees thought they were getting with Didi Gregorius. A defensive minded and slick-gloved shortstop who lacks in the offensive department. Mateo, like Didi, is young and has plenty of time to turn it around with the bat and add a little pop into his swing but for now he is what he is. With or without a major bat in the lineup Mateo is still far and away the best Yankees shortstop prospect in the entire system until further notice. Here’s why:


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