Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick Hit: Imagining a Bullpen w/ Craig Kimbrel

There is no better way than to start a Wednesday morning then to salivate at what could easily be the best bullpen in all of Major League Baseball history. John Heyman reported it and Jack Niemuth brought it to the readers, the New York Yankees have at least entertained the idea of acquiring the San Diego Padres closer Craig Kimbrel this season. Kimbrel is signed through the 2017 season for major money and would likely command a top prospect in return, something the Yankees are not willing to do reportedly. New York has made Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and Jorge Mateo untouchable but if somehow the Yankees could make a deal for Kimbrel I think you have to start etching the World Series title trophy now, don’t you?

LR: Chris Capuano
RP: Adam Warren
RP: Justin Wilson (5th inning)
RP: Chasen Shreve (6th inning)
RP: Craig Kimbrel (7th inning)
SU: Dellin Betances
CP: Andrew Miller

New York could even take that one step further inserting Severino, Bryan Mitchell, Branden Pinder, Jacob Lindgren when he returns from injury or any of the cast of characters that have seemingly out-performed Capuano this season into the bullpen for maximum efficiency. That’s not shortening a game that is making every single game unfair, and I like unfair when it’s slanted towards the house. It may be a pipe dream but I can honestly say I’ve had much worse dreams in my life. 

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