Monday, July 6, 2015

Teixeira, Betances All-Stars - Gardner Final Vote Candidate

The final All-Star Game reserves have been announced and after not having a single starter in the game the New York Yankees sent two players to the game. Mark Teixeira is a reserve for the American League at first base while relief pitcher Dellin Betances also made his second straight Mid-Summer Classic. Congratulations to them both.

Brett Gardner could be the third Yankee to join the game but he needs your help. Gardner is a Final Vote candidate. You can vote for Gardner on Twitter by tweeting #VoteGardy an unlimited amount of time. I believe retweets count but don't quote me on it, just to be sure head over to Twitter to follow @GreedyStripes and retweet all the #VoteGardy's you see.


  1. Alright Hans, just voted for Gardner 35 times. Are you going to? Or do I need to pull a KC special and start creating extra email accounts?

  2. I also voted, only 30 times though. Had other things to do, hope he makes it!


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