Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tempering Expectations for Robert Refsnyder

I know, I know, I know I'm the guy that has been beating the drums for a season and a half for the promotion of Robert Refsnyder and now that the wonder child is here I'm asking you to temper your expectations for the young second baseman. I know it sounds pretty unreasonable but hear me out on this. The reason I felt it necessary to temper mine and everyone else's expectations for Refsnyder is because this, and some people can easily forget this, is not Triple-A. Throw those Triple-A numbers out the window and let's get down to when the stats and every at bat really counts.

In the midst of my celebration party when it was announced that Refsnyder was being called up someone had to kill my buzz by asking me what I would do and say if Refsnyder comes up and doesn't produce. At first it sort of angered me, it's a legitimate question but everyone who follows me on twitter and especially this guy knows how badly I wanted Refsnyder to be called up. His timing sucked but he asked a very good question and I had what I believe to be the best answer you could have. See that below.

Refsnyder could be the Yankees 5th best prospects, which he is, or he could be the team's best prospect or worst prospect, it doesn't matter. Refsnyder deserves the same patience, learning curve and understanding that any other player and/or prospect gets in this game. I have hyped up Refsnyder to be the second coming of Cal Ripken Jr. when he very well could be Billy Ripken but I only ask that you give him a fair shake and enough time to figure out which Ripken he wants to be before we start running the guy out of town.

The fans were very hard on Nathan Eovaldi at the beginning of the season even though he was showcased as a work in progress fourth or fifth starter and he has been one of the best starters the team has had in the last month and a half. The fans also killed Didi Gregorius the first month to month and a half of the season and he has progressed light years ahead of what he once was both offensively and defensively due to the fact that he could simply slow the game down, relax and do his thing. Refsnyder may be one of the top prospects and may be one of the more hyped prospects to come out of the Yankees system in a long time but he's still that, a prospect. Patience is the best thing we as the fans can give him.

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