Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finishing the Weekend w/ a Robert Refsnyder Rant

Normally I would finish the weekend with an open thread to leave you to talk about whatever you like but I am not feeling that this weekend. Not after Brian Cashman came out in public and actually said aloud that Stephen Drew, not Robert Refsnyder, was the Yankees best option at second base? Come again?

Drew has never been above the .200 mark for the Yankees in his now season and a half with the team. Not on Opening Day, not the first week of the season, never. Cashman did mention that Drew "cares about winning" and "busts his tail" while also pointing out that the team could not upgrade what they have in Drew outside of the organization. Huh? Robert Refsnyder is an upgrade over Drew who also cares about winning and busts his tail, Jose Reyes does too. The Toronto Blue Jays ball boy could probably do better at this point.

I've beat the drum and you know how I feel. Drew sucks, Refsnyder does not. Watch the video.


  1. DANIEL..RE: Refsnyder vs Drew.
    I feel what you want your words. You are a humorous person.
    I really think, that they are desperately trying to trade / package Drew, before they
    bring up Refsynder. To justify cost.
    Ryan is so much better than all of them. Becoming a favorite of mine. The mustache ?
    Lets see what happens.

    1. I try to hide humor in my posts sometimes. The problem with trading Drew is if we want rid of him so bad who is going to want him? Even for kitchen scraps the dog wouldn't even eat.

    2. Ryan better than all of them? Seriously? Perhaps defensively, but the guy hasn't finished a season above the Mendoza line since 2011. If we're going to be satisfied with a 2b that hits under .200, then I'll take Drew and his 15 homeruns over Ryan every day of the week. I agree with Daniel though. Cut them both and bring me Refsnyder. By the way little p, the mustache is TERRIBLE!

    3. I assumed the Ryan remark was sarcastic. He went on a hot streak after coming off the disabled list, nothing more until proven otherwise. Unless patrick has a thing for mustaches... then I wasn't going to touch that.

    For two days, this has been dogging me.

    @...Miguel Batista....does he hit his home run' only while playing the Yankees ?
    Every time. Seems like every game !....Why do they pitch to him ? Big Popi, all over again.

    @...This some what 'vaunted' cast of Yankee minor leaguers....that they will not trade for anyone.
    They have brought up, what seems like 200 relief pitchers this season, to try to find
    one that will stick. And, back, and forth they go......why ?

    1. The first is NO, it just seems as though he gets a good pitch to hit and...Pow!

      The second is also easy, they sometimes need a fresh arm every so often and it is an art at work. The GM has to get players off and on the 40 man and the 25 man and DFA for a call back at a later time.
      A little simple but basically that is it!

    2. New York is simply exploiting the roster with all the relief pitchers. It was their plan to allow the young guys to eat innings and always have a fresh arm in there rather than stick with one Capuano or one Esmil Rogers. I'd rather Pinder or Cotham pitching in a blowout than Adam Warren.

  3. HANS....I may have a good book for you.

    1. Little P they need all those relief pitchers because of the water pistol never going deep into games lol


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