Sunday, September 27, 2015

Let Masahiro Tanaka Rest Until Wednesday

The New York Yankees have missed their ace starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka since a Sunday night game against the New York Mets that was showcased on ESPN. Tanaka was up to bat since the game was played inside a National League park and attempted a bunt that ultimately led to a hamstring injury that has kept him out of the rotation ever since. Tanaka said he is well enough to pitch, and pitched five innings against the Mets after the injury occurred, but the Yankees are remaining cautious since his injury is not 100% healed. If the Yankees want to be overly cautious, and when do they not, they should let Tanaka rest until Wednesday.

The New York Yankees can perfectly set up their rotation by letting Tanaka rest his elbow and his hamstring to rest until Wednesday when the New York Yankees face off with the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx. Letting Tanaka pitch on Wednesday gives him one tune up start before giving him five days of rest before a one-gamer playoff on October 6th inside Yankee Stadium. Inserting Tanaka into the rotation on Wednesday allows Ivan Nova to pitch Monday, Michael Pineda on Tuesday and CC Sabathia on Thursday with an extra day of rest.

The final series of the season would showcase Adam Warren, Luis Severino and Nova pitching in the final game of the season. This seems like the best case scenario for the New York Yankees and for Tanaka. A win-win that could lead to a win and a trip to the ALDS.

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