Thursday, October 22, 2015

Major League Baseball’s Newest Sponsorship & How it Affects YOU, the Fan!

Major League Baseball is a business first and foremost so all the time you and I, the fans, see the official this of Major League Baseball or the official that of Major League Baseball but we, again as fans, never really get anything out of it. Okay sure I am wearing the official deodorant of Major League Baseball with the official tires of Major League Baseball on my car eating the official fast food chain of Major League Baseball while listening to the official radio station of Major League Baseball but what does that get me personally? Well until now, nothing. MLB is hooking up with Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and Starwood Preferred Guests to make the hotel chain the “Official Hotel of Major League Baseball” and to make Starwood the “Official Hotel Loyalty Program of Major League Baseball” and they are giving back to the “Official Fans of Major League Baseball.”

Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred negotiated the deal that, starting in 2016, would allow guests of Sheraton Hotels and SPG members to receive complimentary access to MLB.TV and MLB Network in all of their hotel rooms. Of course us, the fans, have to deal with seeing Starwood booking widgets when we head to and your respective team’s schedule pages but everything is a give and take relationship in business I suppose.

I don’t travel much but I think, especially during baseball season, the easiest decision I will make in traveling is what hotel brand I am going to be using. Free MLB.TV and free MLB Network? Yes please. 

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