Thursday, October 22, 2015

If Gary Sanchez = John Ryan Murphy Then Why Keep Them Both?

This is going to be a tough sell and this would require a lot of roster shuffling but if it could work would the Yankees consider calling up top catching prospect Gary Sanchez to fix the offense? The Yankees could make it work but it would probably be ill advised to be completely honest because it would likely have to come at the expense of backup catcher John Ryan Murphy. With the two players being similar as both are catchers, both are right-handed, both have shown pop and are productive at the plate while both hold their own behind the dish (although Murphy is far superior defensively to Sanchez at this point in their careers) could one of them be traded this offseason?

I personally love Murphy and what he brings to the team. He is a wizard behind the plate controlling the running game, with his game calling and with his defense while he isn’t exactly a slouch when he’s standing at the plate either. I like Murphy because he is a line drive hitter and he never saw a good fastball that he didn’t like and he didn’t drive. Over the course of a 162-game schedule Murphy may put up 15 home runs and 50 RBI, he’s that good, so why would the Yankees call up Sanchez to replace him? To be frank, they won’t barring an injury so does that mean Sanchez is the more likely of the two to be traded?

I’m honestly surprised that Sanchez is still on the team to be completely honest. New York has a ton of depth in the minor leagues at the catcher position with Austin Romine, Sanchez, Luis Torrens and others leaving many to speculate that New York would trade from a position of strength to fill a position that was lacking, middle infield for example. After a standout season for Sanchez in Triple-A and an amazingly hot start to his Arizona Fall League Sanchez’s trade value has never been higher and it may be time for Brian Cashman to strike a deal.

Much like Cashman traded Ramon Flores, who could easily be replaced by Taylor Dugas, Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, Tyler Austin, Jake Cave and others, this July he may do the same this winter with Sanchez. As much as I’d love to see Sanchez be everything that Jesus Montero was supposed to be for the team before his trade to Seattle if the deal makes sense it would be ill-advised to pass it up. We may be seeing Sanchez wear a Yankees hat and/or uniform for the final time down in Arizona with the Surprise.

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