Thursday, October 22, 2015

Interesting Mickey Mantle Injury Picture

Mickey Mantle was a man known for his towering home run and his World Series resume but should he have been known more so for his injuries? Maybe so... Have a good evening Yankees family.


  1. I have that same picture, Daniel, I was amazed to find out that he partially tore his ACL in his early twenties and was still the fastest man ever timed from the left side after a full swing. If anyone has ever seen a photo of his swing, let me tell you it had to have taken a .05 second off his time.
    The guy was a very fast healer, nobody ever knew he had the ACL problem, he never said anything about it but, the doctor that did his autopsies found it and showed it to others for confirmation.

    1. I never had the blessing to watch him live, really wish I could have. I'd also like to see him and the players of his era play in the modern era. I'm a baseball geek like that.

    2. I must say in all honesty Daniel, in my opinion, he would destroy the league. Now that they know he was sick they would have gotten him help. with the surgeons of today, he would have been healthy quicker and better. One talks about all these 5 tool players and I see them play. Most of them are 4 tool players with the exception of a very very few.
      IF (My Fantasy) Mickey (5 tool player) and A-Rod (6 tool player) were to be on the same team....well, you have seen some of the things A-Rod can do, just add being a switch hitter (Mickey) That can outrun the wind, steal a base anytime he wanted to, one of the best bunters in his day (says Scooter and I) and cover a lot of ground in CF but was missing one thing...the sixth sense of instincts. My god, Daniel Mickey was bigger than life in New York, He owned the town like No One has ever done, not even Jeter, Joe D, Yogi or even Whitey Ford.

    3. Would have been fun to watch as a fan. I've seen as much tape as I can and listen to any story I can about him, just hate that I never saw him live.


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