Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mets 2B Daniel Murphy is Not The Answer

It's funny how in a market and with a fan base like New York you can go from a "scrub" or a "loser" to a "hero" and a free agent target just like that in the snap of a finger. The New York Mets and their fan base has been down on second baseman Daniel Murphy for much of the 2015 season and his tenure in Queens but now since the left-handed hitter is hitting in the postseason the media, the bloggers and the fans are going nutso. The talk of offering him a qualifying offer has already been thrown around and now many of those same media members, bloggers and fans want Murphy on the New York Yankees in 2016. I may be crazy, and you know at the end of the day I may be wrong, but I can't see a scenario where Murphy is the answer for New York in 2016.

First and foremost, and this was mentioned in the first paragraph, Murphy is a left-handed hitter that would "thrive" inside Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are far too left-handed and were exposed at the end of the 2015 season and into the AL Wild Card Game against Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros. The Yankees need a more balanced lineup and that is achieved by leaving the platoon of Dustin Ackley and Robert Refsnyder to fight it out at the position all season long. Especially considering that the New York Mets may offer Murphy salary arbitration and a qualifying offer worth one year and $15.8 million. Is Murphy worth a first round pick in the 2016 MLB Draft? I think not.

Murphy has done well hitting around .280 with mediocre defense during his time in New York but the last thing the Yankees need is another infielder and another player on the wrong side of 30-years old. Save the draft pick, continue the youth movement and win with defense. Not Daniel Murphy.


  1. BRAVO-BURCHO....soooo many valid points on Daniel Murphy.

    I like the term 'nutzo'....I think I wandered that way.
    Yes, save the draft pick, and let the two young players fight it out.

    Or, maybe they can find a match, and trade for a better, younger talent. Like Gregorius.
    That makes more sense.
    The last three weeks of the 2015 season had me vearing off to the dark side. I'm still there.

    Where is Levin ?

    Where is the weak kneed Hans ?.....No one welcomed him back ? He is a Nancy.
    I'm the clown, but he is unloved. Typical New Jersey think.

    1. Still here Patrick. Never left. I just don't agree with most of the comments being thrown around here about who to sign, so I don't want to argue just for the sake of arguing.

    2. Jeff, you have some good ideas and I am sure there are some players you would like to see in New York.
      Heck, I have a few myself but, haven't been able to put my reasons together yet!
      Why not everyone put one or two players up for grabs and see what happens?

      No arguing, just pros and cons! With an open mind and the expectation of someone not liking any of them at all...I can live with that! Can everyone else? Have some fun guys it is dead around here!

      By the way Jeff, do you know where Ken H is? If so, get him back here, we don't agree very much but, we don't insult each other, I like the guy. I think he is wrong on many things but, he thinks I am wrong on the same subject. That is the fun of it!

    3. Levin,

      Some argue, others have discussions. I don't think we've ever argued, simply discussed and debated. If you'd like to stand back and watch that's okay too.


      I'm down :)

    4. Daniel young man, what is the ending of those two lines;


      I'm down (and the funny face)

      It escapes me, as to what you meant!

    5. I just don't understand the Jason Heyward comments. Why in the world would anybody want to pay another light hitting, lefthanded, defensive oriented outfielder $25 million a year? We have 2 of those already. You want to trade a player making $12 million to sign a younger version of the same type for $255 million? Most of his value comes from defensive value, not offensive. He's 6'5", 245 lbs. What happens to those guys? They usually break down because of stress on their joints. What are you left with at the end of his 10 year deal? Another player on a bad contract. The Yankee fans way. Absurd!

    6. But this 10-year deal goes out to a 26-year old talent ENTERING his prime, not one on the back side of his prime (Alex Rodriguez at 32-years old and Robinson Cano's recent deal).

      Gardner is on the back side of his prime. I'm not worried about the money as much as I'm worried about a guy that relies on his legs getting closer to 35 than he is 30.

      Plus I'm playing the "increase in production in Yankee Stadium as a left-handed hitter" card.

      you're not wrong Levin I just didn't consider the money much. You yourself reminded me that this blog is called the GREEDY pinstripes for a reason.

    7. Reed,

      my "I'm down" was in reference to your post right above it, and seen below:

      "Why not everyone put one or two players up for grabs and see what happens?

      No arguing, just pros and cons! With an open mind and the expectation of someone not liking any of them at all...I can live with that! Can everyone else? Have some fun guys it is dead around here!"

    8. I'm all for trading Gardner and giving up a draft pick if it's to make room for somebody like Upton. That's what we need, is a middle of the order right handed bat. I don't care what the Yankees spend. They're better off spending it this year, because next year's free agent class is pretty thin. Trade Gardner to make room for Upton. Release Ryan to sign Zobrist. And trade one of our 7 or 8 starters (preferably Nova) to make room for Price. Those are the moves I would make. But I would seriously stay away from Heyward because I don't believe he would make much of an impact.

    9. Hey I like Upton too, really balances out the lineup. 28-years old and no 10-year deal. I'm okay with that too.

  2. BREAD STICKS LEVIN....I know you hate rumors, but mine are pasteurized.

    Try this one from today : The Cubs need a center fielder, and lead off man.
    Their General Manager is the ex-Red Sox GM...Theo Epstein. The tread that ties this
    together is Jacoby Ellsbury. .......Ellsbury / Epstein / Cubs.....a fit ?
    Yes, money from that contract will have to be addressed, etc...and perhaps a player, or two
    thrown in. Great to rid themselves from that dumb contract.
    For whom ? Perhaps Castro, as reported.

    Levin....stick any steamed shrimp in your pockets lately ?

    1. Ellsbury has a full no trade clause. He only goes to Chicago if he wants to go to Chicago. That's the issue with these mega contracts Brian Cashman keeps handing out.

  3. DANIEL.........two points to be made.
    My error, Theo Epstein is not the GM, he is the president of baseball operations for the Cubs.
    Hanzel would not have admitted that, nor could he spell.

    Secondly....Elsbury would probably agree to go to the contender, Chicago. He's smart.
    The Yankees are in 'duh' mode anyway. And Gardner would slide to center.
    The best of both worlds, is if they moved both. Think of the options! I sure can.

    1. I agree with you, if Ellsbury could go it would open up a slew of possibilities. I don't see it happening but if Cashman wants a shot in 2016 he's going to have to get creative with deals like this.

  4. Ok, without looking everything up because I am tired and lazy...this all leaves me room to change what I write this AM! LOL
    Upton at 28 and right handed makes me a believer, I too would like to dump Ells contract. When Ells is healthy (which seems like never) he will steal a base whereas, Brett...not so much. So it would be Brett gone...oh well, life's a bit-h and then one dies!

  5. KENNETH....O-S-W-E-G-O to you !..That's Mohawk, for your fly is open.

    I say if you can, move them both. That combo is doing nothing with the Yankees, and with various combinations of extra pcs. you can acquire new talent. Better even.

    Then look at your outfield....two extra slots to fill with hitters / talent, along with Youngs slot.
    We all could find three players to plug in there.

    So why not clean house? And while you are at it, send a catcher,or two, Nova, and a few of the
    other talented players that we are holding our breath for....move them.
    Think of it as a baseball plunger.
    Unless you want 2016 to be a rerun of 14 & 15.
    OSWEGO...? Did you check ?

    1. Ok, Patrick, I checked and it was open...!
      I think the difference between what I like to have done and what your want is diametrically opposite.

      I would go for Getting rid of Ells and Brett, but I would only go for one very good two-way player in the outfield. and bring up two rookies. Refsnyder would be at 2nd base and we would relegate CC to the BP and get a good pitcher to replace him. Using Nove And a catcher as trade for a very good...left handed...pitcher.

  6. KENNETH.....I don't think we are that diametrically opposite. The end result is of
    most importance. I firmly believe, and I am very realistic, when I say you can add 6-8
    new players to the 2016. And, come away a better team.
    I dread the thought of coming off the beach next year, and going home to watch the same
    cast of characters perform in such a unlike Yankee fashion.
    How many men left on base ?.......100,000 ?

    Glad to hear Oswego, saved you from embarrassment.

  7. Ok, Patrick, we may not be as far apart as I thought.
    I would go after one good pitcher and one outfielder from the FA pool that needs no compensation. Fill the rest of the spots with our own.
    Bird 1st/3rd and DH
    Refsnyder 2nd base.
    Judge or someone such as Slade Heathcott, Masin Williams.
    Outfield is LF-Big time player, CF-Slade or Williams and right is Beltran
    DH is: A-Rod, Beltran, Bird and Judge
    Didi as Shortstop and Ryan as backup for 3rd and SS

    1. Kenneth....Anne, and I, are fighting colds. That is why so many posts from me today.
      I know you like dreweling over certain baseball situations....so have at it.

      Outside of Beltran...and if the other thee outfielders from last year are gone...you
      could really be creative putting together a top flight outfield. I could.
      The speedsters that knock in 50-60 runs had their chance. Time to get back to
      kick ass Yankee baseball. Put the fear back into opposing pitchers.

      Kenneth, I'm gassed...and not feeling well. Heading off to dream land.
      If Hans answers you, tell him to man-up. He won't because....no one loves him.

    2. Are you saying you don't love Ken H? Now that is a shame, I always thought navy guys were a bit on the macho side, at least the ones that pulled me out of trouble!
      I'll bet you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?

      No, Ken H left on his own, he can come back on his own, he is a big boy now, in fact, he is a grown man and should try acting as such!

  8. GP bloggers..........
    I'm tired of Ken Hans. For one, who is being so pampered, he should show some gratitude / back bone. Not his skirt. I read that guy wrong.
    Like a Jersey blimp hovering over Wildwood...he runs back to Lakehurst, every time a squall appears.


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