Friday, October 30, 2015

Revisiting the Omar Minaya to the Yankees Idea from 2014

Just around this time last year the World Series was just ending and the long winter before Spring Training was beginning with little in the way of news. The New York Yankees had missed the postseason for the second straight season despite spending in excess of $500 million the offseason before in trades, signings and extensions and the fans and the organization were hungry for a new voice and vision. That vision and voice was thought to be of Omar Minaya, the former New York Mets GM, but for some unreported reason Minaya never joined his close friend Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees organization, could he before the 2016 season though?

Say what you will about Minaya but the New York Mets are not in the World Series right now without him. Minaya whiffed, and sometimes he whiffed badly, with the Mets but when he hit on a deal he usually struck it big. The problem was he was not given enough time to see some of those deals and his ultimate plan come to fruition.

Minaya is responsible for drafting Daniel Murphy in 2006 and Mike Pelfrey, Bobby Parnell and Jon Niese in 2005. In fact many of the Mets young pieces that are either being utilized now or were used in trades to acquire other pieces were drafted and signed internationally by Minaya including Lucas Duda and Steven Matz. This in no way is meant to discount what Sandy Alderson has done for the club, many of the young aces you see now were signed and developed under his tenure, but he had a little help building a World Series caliber team by Minaya in my opinion.

The Yankees have basically given one of their top scouts Tim Naehring the vacant job left behind by Billy Eppler but they fell short of mentioning him as the team’s assistant GM. Could Minaya fill that void? As long as he’s bringing another Steven Matz with him then I’d have to say yes. What could it hurt when Hal Steinbrenner likely makes the final decision anyway? 

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