Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Free Agency Royal Rumble Returns – Outfielders

The New York Yankees earned the ultimate gift and the ultimate curse all wrapped up in one player in 2015 and his name was Alex Rodriguez. This isn’t meant to be negative or condescending by any means, I was defending and asking for forgiveness for Alex before Bald Vinny made money off of it made it cool, but him being effective and a huge part of the offense makes the team’s options rather limited. At this point in his career Carlos Beltran should be at least a part-time DH, if not a full-time DH, but is forced to play the field due to Rodriguez being on the roster. With Rodriguez at DH, Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner patrolling center field and left field respectively and Chris Young hitting free agency it looks like the Free Agency Royal Rumble will be a free-for-all for the final roster spot on the Yankees bench in 2016.

Entering the ring for the rumble are a few competitors that I think will at least be in the running for the position. The up and coming superstar Aaron Judge, former Yankees player and current Baltimore Orioles first baseman and outfielder Steve Pearce, Marlon Byrd of the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants in 2015, Drew Stubbs and another former Yankees farm hand and current Chicago Cub, Austin Jackson.

Before the match begins Marlon Byrd asks for a microphone and was quoted as saying the following:

“Now I know that if I win this Royal Rumble and I come to New York my playing time will be limited and dictated by injuries, I’m not okay with that. Also I have read numerous times that a fake Jon Heyman Twitter account faked out Daniel Burch at the trading deadline in 2014 forcing Mr. Burch to write over 2,000 words about me and welcoming me to the team only for me to go elsewhere. With all that said I think I’m going to forfeit, just not feeling it today. Thanks though. “

With Byrd out the group of remaining competitors, like they often do in these Royal Rumble’s, gang up on the biggest man in the ring, Aaron Judge. Judge is quickly disposed of and thrown over the top rope to the mat leaving Pearce, Stubbs and Jackson. Pearce, being the multi-faceted player that he is, reminds everyone that he is pennant chase, playoff and American League East tested not only in the outfield but at first base (hello Mark Teixeira insurance policy) and uses that to throw both Jackson and Stubbs over the top rope and to the floor. Stubbs would have been nice, he kills lefties but his right-handed splits aren’t much to write home about, and so would Jackson, another outfielder with the ability to play center field allowing a constant rotation to keep everyone fresh and healthy, but Pearce makes too much sense for the Yankees NOT to sign in my opinion. 

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