Monday, October 12, 2015

The T.G.P. Game with the Yankees Offense

All weekend long we’ve been playing the TGP Game and we’ll likely play it at least once more closer to Spring Training when rosters are close to being finalized. This weekend we’ve looked at the Yankees starting rotation and bullpen heading into 2016 so now all we have left is the offense. One last time in case this is your first time reading the TGP Game here is what the acronym stands for. The “T” stands for tumble, or get worse from 2015 to 2016, while the “G” stands for get better in 2016. The “P” in this game stands for plateau which means the player will be around their 2015 statistics in 2016, original I know but I like playing the game and I wanted to put my own gist to it.

McCann – P

McCann set a new career high in home runs and led the team in RBI for the second straight team while working with the pitching staff and holding down the opposing team’s running game. With another year on that shoulder and those knees I can’t see him getting better but he shows no signs of slowing down either.

Teixeira – G

Gluten free Teixeira was an awesome Teixeira and he finished one freak foul ball off his shin away from a 40 home run and 100+ RBI season. Teix will be healthy in 2016 and looking for a new contract, can you say contract season?

Bird – G

Bird was possibly the best Yankees offensive weapon since his call up in 2015. How could he possibly get any better you ask? Youth, aggression and experience. That’s how.

Refsnyder – G

See above for Greg Bird. Give the guy a damn shot, will you?

Gregorius – P

Gregorius was fantastic in his debut season outside of the first month and a half of the season. Didi settled in, got used to the team, the market and the fans and did his thing. I see him doing his thing again in 2016 as he emulates his near .300 average in the second half of 2015 over the course of a full season in 2016.

Headley – T

Headley led the team in hits and games played in 2015, you can’t really expect him to do the same in 2016. His defense may be declining, although that may all be in his head with the throwing portion, and so is his power. Two bad signs for a third baseman with three years left on his contract.

Gardner – P

Gardner continues to show more pop than anyone ever expected and should be right around his 15 home run and 50-60 RBI numbers in 2016. His strikeout numbers will likely also be there but he has the legs and the speed to run out bunts and infield hits to keep his batting average respectable, just like in 2015.

Ellsbury – G

Ellsbury missed a long stretch of 2015 with a leg injury and should be healthy and ready for Spring Training 2016. Ellsbury should hit more, drive in more, score more and steal more bases. Unless he suffers another tough knee injury he almost has to by default after a terribly unproductive 2015 season.

Beltran – P

Beltran is what Beltran is at this point. Beltran could be 50-years old and probably hit .285 and raise the bar in September and October. Beltran is not a 30 home run threat anymore but he wasn’t in 2015 either and that was just fine. Beltran is a proud individual and will not go out on anything but his terms in 2016.

Rodriguez – T

A Rod absolutely cannot replicate his 2015 season in 2016, can he? 41-year old players just don’t lead the Yankees in home runs, do they? No… right?

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