Friday, November 13, 2015

Cashman Giving Frustrated Yankees Fans Everywhere Hope

Depending on where you’re living across the country either winter seems to be in full effect or you’re still wearing your summer shorts. Fortunately for me, now an Atlanta residence myself, I am experiencing the latter but one thing is for certain in the Brian Cashman household, the Hot Stove is turned all the way up. Cashman is said to be one of the most aggressive GM’s working the phones and taking calls on essentially anyone and everyone on his team and Cashman, for the first time in I can’t really say for sure how long, is giving at least some of those frustrated Yankees fans a little bit of hope before the 2016 season.

Cashman especially gave some Yankees fans some hope, even if it’s just a false hope at this point, when he stated that no Yankees pitcher had their job etched in stone for 2016. That means Masahiro Tanaka (although his name is as closed to etched in stone as possible), Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, Ivan Nova, Luis Severino and yes even CC Sabathia may actually have to earn their spot on the team next season rather than have their contract or veteran presence dictate the roster manipulation. That alone would be a sight for sore eyes. I am a firm believer in the fact that the best 25 men should leave Tampa, Florida at the end of Spring Training camp and head north to the Bronx to play host to the Houston Astros on Opening Day 2016 and it seems, at least he’s saying the right things anyway, that Brian Cashman finally agrees with that.

I am a fan of CC Sabathia and I love it when he does well. Not only for the team but for his own piece of mind and mindset. I cannot pretend to sit here and know what it feels like to once be great at what you do and then fall off for three consecutive seasons due to diminished velocity and command. I’ve cheered for CC with every “comeback” start he made either off the DL or after a bad start and I’ve openly supported him not only for his on the field performance but for the fact that he is the first out of the dugout to protect his teammates and sources and reports all over the web tell you what kind of clubhouse presence he is, he’s a Yankee in every facet of the term. The fact of the matter is the Yankees have six or seven starters on their roster and CC may not be one of the better five at this point in his career. That’s tough to take, hell it’s tough for me to say, but the truth is the truth unfortunately.

If CC can earn his way on, or any of the Yankees starters for that matter, then more power to them and I will welcome them to the team with open arms. It’s just personal to me to see this team, my team, simply wait out contracts in lieu of winning when before the team would eat or move those contracts by any means necessary in order to win. We’re the Greedy Pinstripes and sometimes that line is tough to walk, but we’ll walk it. Especially if the front office gets the mindset back that the best 25 players go north and the performance, not the contract, dictates the roster. 

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