Friday, November 6, 2015

Donald Trump Wants to Own the New York Yankees

"You kidding me Amare? You're fired!"

Yes, please!

According to recent reports Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and Republican Party Presidential hopeful, wants to own the New York Yankees. Trump grew up in New York City and made his millions in the greatest state, in my humble opinion, in the United States and would like to return there if he could land an ownership role in any sports team.

George Steinbrenner and Trump were known associates, business partners and friends and the similarities don’t stop there. Heads would roll when the team didn’t make the postseason in two consecutive years and player contracts would be eaten when they were no longer useful. Trump would own, run and manage the team like the $3.5 billion powerhouse that it is.

Trump would do is smart though, in my opinion. He wouldn’t be a tyrant, he would just do whatever was necessary to turn a profit. Trump understands the added revenue, attendance, merchandise sales and the growth to the brand that comes with the playoffs and would basically demand that the team make it there every season. He would also give Brian Cashman the power he had from 1998-2009 along with a blank check.

Trump was just asked a question and he answered it, he isn’t seriously considering making a run at buying the team and there is no speculation that the Steinbrenner family is interested in selling. This is the offseason and it’s time to dream and that’s what I did with this article, hopefully it’s taken that way by the reader. Enjoy as we dream about the return of the GREEDY Pinstripes. 


  1. That would be nice for the team, having Trump own them!
    Not only would he run the business end as we know he can but, he would build the whole organization half again King George what George did for the Yankees back in the day.

    I think we have both had too much to drink Daniel...three Root Beers are too much for me! LOL

  2. This would be the greatest thing in the history of the franchise. Nobody is as determined to look superior as Trump. If he owned the team right now, we'd see Greinke AND Price in pinstripes next year.

    1. Trump definitely understands that this is the only way you're going to fill that stadium on a consistent basis. No one wants to pay $40-$50 bucks to park, fight the crowd and the traffic, buy the ticket, pay for the ballpark food, etc. on a Tuesday night to see Chase Headley.. no offense to him.

      I, like Kenneth, expect to see Donald Trump in the White House ( how did that name
      escape Black Lives Matter ?) the near future. I don't think he can run the team
      at that point.

      Therefore, I propose... that the Pope should own the team.

      Replace the monuments with statues of saints, and sign every qualified player
      who has the first name of Jesus.
      Also, all players not named Jesus, will get a bonus if they legally change their
      entire current names to....Jesus.

    3. The Donald Trump owning the Yankees thing was more of a rhetorical question. He isn't going to own the team any time soon.

    4. I believe that is and was understood very well by those of us here but...then again, it sure would be nice to have him as the owner! Just think we would be able to say Log live King George, er, King Donald!

    5. All the owner has to do is write the checks. I don't want King George firing managers and GM's every other day again. I just want someone who doesn't cram "World Series or bust" down our throat with Chris Stewart as out starting catcher and Travis Hafner as our starting DH.

    6. Hay, Daniel...
      One must say it was very interesting back when the King spoke and people jumped. I do agree with your more Dictators just a check signer.


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