Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekly AFL Check In: Domingo Acevedo

Domingo Acevedo is pumping fastballs down the heart of the plate in the Arizona Fall League these days and has drawn some pretty elite comparisons over the past week or so. Acevedo’s delivery, both in length of delivery and difficulty of delivery, is being compared to a young Dellin Betances. As you remember Betances was a starter for the New York Yankees before being shifted into the bullpen due to the fact that he ran out of minor league options, that move worked out pretty well for Betances and for the Yankees.

If Acevedo can become half the pitcher that Betances is then New York has yet another special arm in their system and on their way to the Major Leagues. Acevedo hasn’t dominated AFL hitting just yet, although the AFL tends to lean towards the offensive pieces rather than the defensive and pitching pieces, but he will. Just give him time.

Domingo Acevedo

G: 4
GS: 0
IP: 6.1
W/L: 1-0
ERA: 4.26
K: 5
BB: 1
WHIP: 0.95

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