Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why Would We Want Ian Kinsler?

The latest and “greatest” trade rumor surrounding the New York Yankees and their second base situation suggests that the team pull off a trade with the Detroit Tigers for their second baseman Ian Kinsler. The longtime Texas Rangers second baseman was sent to Detroit in the deal that sent first baseman Prince Fielder back to Arlington and has quietly continued his strong career both offensively and defensively in the Motor City. Kinsler is solid but why would the New York Yankees truly want Kinsler over what they already have in Robert Refsnyder and Dustin Ackley?

Kinsler is solid but is 33 years old, something the Yankees are trying to get away from, and comes attached to a $9.65 million AAV over the next three seasons if you include his 2018 team option. On paper the Yankees probably get an upgrade during the 2016 season, although that is not set in stone as Kinsler slips another year past 30 while the fans get a full season glimpse of Refsnyder and Ackley, but in the long term I cannot see a trade being beneficial for New York.

First and foremost the second base position, especially for offensive minded second baseman, is anemic meaning the Tigers are going to want a substantial amount for Kinsler. Again, why give up prospects for a guy that is only going to block your prospects and give you a boost for a season at best? If at all. Why is everyone, and when I say everyone I mean the beat writers, bloggers and journalist that have the Yankees down as “interested” in every middle infielder on the market this offseason, so down on Refsnyder anyway? Give the kid a shot!

So in closing the Yankees need to hold onto their prospects and hold onto the plan they have right now. Platoon Ackley and Refsnyder and see it through until at least June or July before doing anything drastic. There may be better available at the deadline, the only way you’re going to know is if you’re patient. So be patient and don’t go shopping for any Ian Kinsler’s. 

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