Saturday, November 7, 2015

YES Network: Exit Interview with Chase Headley

The latest exit interview from Lou DiPietro and the YES Network, this time with the Yankees third baseman Chase Headley. CLICK HERE for the entire interview and see below for a short excerpt. I know I keep saying this but it's only because I mean it, DiPietro is a friend of the blog and he does great work. Please click the link and give him a view or two for his hard work. Thank you and enjoy.

The New York Yankees' 2015 season ended at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, thanks to a 3-0 loss to the Houston Astros in the American League Wild Card Game.

Following the game, many Yankees players, coaches, and officials were in a reflective mood, beginning both the look back on this year and the look ahead to 2016 - so much so that the team was able to conduct a series of "exit interviews" on the subjects.

Here now is the brief exit interview with third baseman Chase Headley.

Q. You posted your highest batting average since 2012. How do you evaluate your 2015 at the plate?

HEADLEY: Offensively, I thought I did some good things, and I felt like I swung the bat better than sometimes it showed. I think there's more power in me, so I'd like to see a few more homers or doubles, but there's a lot of variables that come with that. Obviously, there's room for improvement; it's not exactly how I would've liked it to go, but it never is, so I'll work on it and try to get better at some things this offseason.

Q. On the other side, it was a down season defensively. How do you evaluate your play in the field?

HEADLEY: Yeah, defensively, especially early on, it didn't go anywhere close to how I expect to play. I thought I cleaned it up as the season went on, but obviously you're judged by the overall body of work, so I expect to do better than that.

Q. When it comes to the infield as a whole, the left side had a rocky start, and then there was a lot of flux on the right side late in the season. How do you feel about the way you evolved as a group?

HEADLEY: I thought we did a good job. Obviously, Didi (Gregorius) and I played together most of the year, and I saw a lot of growth out of him. He had a bumpy start as I did, but I'm really impressed with his season and how he got better both offensively and defensively. With (Rob) Refsnyder, it was awesome to see what he came up and did late, and (Greg) Bird was incredible in his time here; there's a lot to be excited about with him.

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