Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BREAKING: David Price to the Boston Red Sox

EDIT: Price can opt-out after three seasons.

Breaking news, for the next seven years David Price will continue to be a thorn in the side of the New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox have agreed to sign Price to a seven year deal worth a whopping $217 million. Price and his $31 million AAV will be in the AL East for the next seven seasons. Joy.

More to come when more details are released.


  1. ELIOT PODGORSKY...nice to see you are getting your feet wet. Also, great to have
    another Irishman at this site.

  2. BOSTON....that didn't take long ! I knew they were going to come out of the gate strong
    this off season. And man have they done so !

    First...a top flight closer, from the Padres....Kimbrel. Followed by ex-Yankee
    ( dead pull hitter / Green Monster ) Chris Young. And just now, perhaps the very best
    free agent pitcher on the market...David Price.

    They are not done, their young trade chips are still on the table. Scary.

    Lets scare those bastards also. Move out Gardner & Ellsbury. Moving Ellsbury changes
    everything. He is never again going to be what you remember.

    Just for starters....an outfield of Hicks, Heathcott & Beltran works for me. From day one
    it is better than last year. By far. That is your starting point.

    Interesting, as reported...."little / no interest in Nova." Find a place to send him.

    1. Dombrowski said he was going to make an impact and he sure has. That contract though is an albatross, we know all about those. I hate that Boston got Price, I really do, but I'm glad we didn't give him that contract.

      He isn't opting out.

  3. And there you have it. Dombrowski again shows why he is a top flight GM. It's funny how the sox don't seem to worry about money but the Coupon Clipper sits on his wad of cash. Looks to me that third place or fourth place might be a reality. Wake the F up Hal

    1. Dombrowski is making the moves, sure, but he is making them off of Ben Cherington. Cherington brought in the prospects for Kimbrel. You have to pull the trigger though and Dave D is doing that, no doubt about it.

      I hate that Price contracts though.


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