Sunday, December 13, 2015

Brian Cashman… Don’t Even Think About It!

The New York Yankees bullpen has taken a hit in recent weeks with the trades of both Justin Wilson and Adam Warren and Brian Cashman is presumed to be scrambling and working the phones to fix the problem. A problem it is as the Yankees starting rotation fails to give the team six innings per start on a consistent basis leaving the pressure on the bullpen for three or more innings a night. The Yankees traded away a lot of bullpen innings from 2015 and traded away two of their more trusted arms in big spots, bottom line is the Yankees need a new Adam Warren.

That’s the part that worries me. While many beat writers are wondering if it’s going to be James Pazos Jacob Lindgren or the laundry list of other names we’ve donned the “Scranton Shuttle” from the minor leagues to fill the spot or another big trade, say for the Nationals 8th inning man Drew Storen, to fill the spot I’m over here genuinely worried. There is a man still on the free agent market that has spent parts of the last two seasons with the Yankees. He’s a veteran pitcher that can both start and relieve. He’s a pitcher that Joe Girardi has fallen in love with for whatever reason and an arm that Brian Cashman seems fond of. He’s also an arm that was designated for assignment like 19 times last year, an exaggeration to drive the point home. I don’t even want to say his name because he may be like Candy Man and show up back on the 40 man roster for a 3rd season.

Chris Capuano!

Cashman, don’t even think about it. Fine, I can’t really stop you from thinking about it but I can strongly advise against it. Please? Chris Capuano is not the answer, he’s not young, he’s not as versatile as you think and he’s just not good or serviceable anymore. Bottom line. Don’t even think about it Cashman. Chris Capuano…. Crap… that makes three times doesn’t it?

Sorry everyone, in advance. The next Adam Warren is coming. Call it a hunch. 

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