Sunday, December 27, 2015

Warren & Ryan Heard About Trade to Chicago on TV

The New York Yankees shocked a lot of the baseball world when they pulled off a deal with the Chicago Cubs for Starlin Castro at the Winter Meetings. In return the Yankees sent RHP Adam Warren and bench piece Brendan Ryan to the Cubs for Castro. When I say much of the baseball world was shocked I meant it, even the pieces in the trade were shocked.

Bleeding Yankee Blue was the first to report how Brendan and his wife Sharyn heard about the trade, if someone else had it first I'm tempted to say "tough." I had the Mike Leake info first and got zero recognition, except I need the recognition and you don't. Anyway, Casey and crew announced HERE that the news was leaked. The Ryan's found out about the trade on Twitter with the rest of us.

Now we have the news that Warren learned about the trade, hat tip to The Score, while on vacation by watching television. Warren and his wife were on vacation in St. Lucia when he heard on television the trade was made. He used his wife's phone to check who was in the deal and learned his was in the deal that way.

What in the world is going on here?

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