Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rob Refsnyder's Saying All the Right Things But…

When a prospect is trying to make his way through the minor leagues and to the Major Leagues no one bothers to ask him what he thinks about it all. Not that they should but he is the one that worked all his life to get drafted and then continued to work all his life to make it to the big stage. The prospect rode the bumpy bus rides to and from minor league games and got paid less than minimum wage in some cases when you count personal appearances and charity events for the team. The prospect went through a lot and it can be discouraging when a veteran is acquired to block his path to the Major Leagues. It can be hard to keep a straight poker face and say all the right things but the Yankees second base prospect Robert Refsnyder is doing just that.

In no way should anyone feel sorry for Refsnyder, that’s not the point of this article. Refsnyder was not promised the second base job, not even in a platoon with Dustin Ackley, and he was far from promised a place on the 25 man roster. The Yankees had an opportunity to upgrade at second base and they did it with Starlin Castro. Castro rode those same bumpy bus rides and did those same charity events that Refsnyder did after working all his life to get here. I just worry about Refsnyder specifically because he has seemingly let this bother him before.

Refsnyder seems to me, just based on watching his interactions as a minor league player and his interviews he gives and such, like a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. He was brought up to work hard and be great at everything that you do and when he’s not he seems like he becomes his own worst enemy. You can get over that with age and wisdom but I just worry about it. Refsnyder, and the rest of us mind you, presumably thought he would get a look at the starting job last season when Martin Prado was traded only for the Yankees to sign Stephen Drew. Refsnyder presumably thought he was going to get an extended look after the All-Star Break with Drew struggling and he was sent back down to make room for Carlos Beltran. Refsnyder presumably thought he had a shot at the starting job again this season before Castro was acquired. Every time Refsnyder presumably thinks he is going to get the job only to get shot down his production seems to mirror his presumed mood.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, you can absolutely over-groom a prospect. The Yankees are doing that with Refsnyder. At some point your development trends in the wrong direction and Refsnyder, who is set to turn 25-years old this season, may be close. Or he may not be, I don’t know the many personally and I’m far from an insider which my email has continuously reminded me, but I do one thing… I’m worried. 

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