Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back to my Powerball Dreaming this Wednesday Morning…

So I and around a million other people didn’t win the big Powerball lottery drawing on Saturday that reached to above $900 million in winnings. When I was at my local gas station buying mine I spoke to a man who flew in from overseas, and me being in a hurry I didn’t ask where exactly but I know it was Europe,  just to purchase his ticket and apparently had big plans for the winnings much like I highlighted in my last post regarding it. I outlined how I would add players to the Yankees via free agency and give other players their walking papers but if I win it tonight this time I’m shooting for the moon. With the winnings expected to be well over $1 billion dollars I plan on getting an investment crew together and I plan on buying the New York Yankees.

Obviously this is totally fictional as I’m not going to win the lottery with their 1-in-500 million odds or whatever it is and Hal Steinbrenner is very unlikely to sell off the Yankees. Could you imagine though? So let’s have fun with this “what if.”

The first thing I would do is walk into Hal Steinbrenner’s office and introduce myself. I wouldn’t make an appointment and I wouldn’t stop at his receptionist’s desk. I just won the biggest Powerball in US history, no introduction is needed. I’d have the contract all drawn out and the price and terms would be left blank. Even Hal knows how to fill in the blanks on his own I presume. When a price was agreed upon by myself, the Steinbrenner family and my group of investors I would shake his hand, walk out of his office and the real fun would begin.

I’d start at the top. Pink slips for all. Randy Levine gets the honor of the first but, and I know a lot of people are ready to click off this post now, Brian Cashman can stay. We don’t know what kind of GM Cashman is because he’s never received a chance to do his thing uninterrupted. He has two years left on his deal and I’d let them see it to fruition. I’d also keep Joe Girardi and his staff, albeit with a short leash, because I don’t want to see anyone necessarily lose their jobs. 

At the bottom I would immediately lower ticket prices and parking pass prices. Would they go back to how cheap they were in the old Yankee Stadium? I doubt that’s feasible but the stadium would return back to the fans regardless when I am the owner. Suits don’t cheer and they don’t deserve to be in the ballpark if they aren’t a fan. 

The fans would take back the Yankees and the Yankees organization would have to once again answer to the fans… and all because of a little two dollar ticket I bought at my local gas station. You’re welcome. 


  1. I'll be happy to be one of your backers Daniel. What we could do with this team would truly be wonderful. I would only want to be the scouting director for Cashman, you can have the limelight all you want, I work better in the background anyhow.

    1. Sounds like a plan. I'm beginning to build my stable.


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