Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Predicting the Rest of the Top Free Agent Destinations

Before the MLB Hot Stove season began I predicted all the top free agent destinations with varying degrees of success. When I say varying degrees of success I mean I did terrible, see HERE. I have seven correct and none of them were the top free agents on the list, so is life I guess. There are plenty of these top guys remaining including Justin Upton, Yoenis Cespedes, Wei-Yin Chen, Chris Davis, Ian Desmond, Yovani Gallardo, Ian Kennedy and Howie Kendrick. I predicted them once without a single free agent coming off the board but we have a much clearer picture now so I'm going to take a second stab at it.

Justin Upton

Original Prediction: San Francisco Giants
New Prediction: Baltimore Orioles

Yoenis Cespedes

Original Prediction: Chicago White Sox
New Prediction: Chicago White Sox

Wei-Yin Chen * predicted before he signed, left up to show I'm humble :)

Original Prediction: Boston Red Sox
New Prediction: Washington Nationals

Chris Davis

Original Prediction: Washington Nationals
New Prediction: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Ian Desmond

Original Prediction:New York Mets
New Prediction: San Diego Padres

Yovani Gallardo

Original Prediction: Texas Rangers
New Prediction: Texas Rangers

Ian Kennedy

Original Prediction: Baltimore Orioles
New Prediction: San Diego Padres

Howie Kendrick

Original Prediction: Chicago White Sox
New Prediction: Arizona Diamondbacks


  1. IPK did what I thought he would do...IF he had any sense at all! Stay in the National League, as I predicted before the Yankees traded him. I said he had the best stuff and C&C of the three pitchers at that time but was best suited for the NBL. Didn't have a lot of movement on his fastball @ about 89/92 mph.

    1. Absolutely agree. His stuff translates much better to an NL team and translates better in a bigger park. He's somewhat of a fly ball pitcher and would do well in San Diego, San Francisco, etc.


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